Socialism Sucks

This is what Socialism is. A Socialist Government have never held that human life is special or needs to be preserved. People are little more then live stock to them and like live stock there are free to be slaughtered when necessary. Also too when Bernie Sanders the registered communist tells all the stupid children who are being brain washed in high school and college that their will everything free. Free college . it’s all lies. In socialism there will be no jobs and so there won’t be any reason why the people should get a education free or pay.

Education from 1st grade to college is made to knock out all the children they can. The Socialists government needs workers. Now if your father shoveled horse shit for a living that is what your going to do. And if everybody is payed a $1.00 an hour that is what your going to be paid I don’t care what job you have. We have socialism and that Nazi Socialist Motto Level the Playing field… When you watch TV, cable we were never supposed to pay for cable TV unless you took a movie channel. but the Cable people bought off all the congressmen and senators and now we pay through the noose. But here is the thing. The FCC through getting paid off has fixed the TV so that when ever there is a commercial it is all on all the channels. So no matter where you go you will see a commercial. Gasoline is the same thing. No matter what gas station you go too you have to pay the same price. no competition, buying a new car. lets say a Ford or what ever you can. Go to ten Ford dealers and you have to pay the same price, no brakes. That is Socialism. The people always loose. With out competition how can you get a deal. You can’t, and the Government subsidizes everybody. Take all the Motels that are owned by the Hindus from India. they come here and get the motels and gas stations for free, the federal Government picks up the tab and they don’t have to pay any money back. our tax dollars and they are subsidized by our Government . There is no White America born man in this country that can get a brake like that form our Government.

Also in Socialism when the rich elites like Berni Sanders who is worth billions of dollars and owns three homes on the beach, his wife stole 10 million and got away with it and destroyed a college  she worked for, and a few more run the Country., When they decide that, like what Ezekiel Emanuel writes that children from 0 to ten if they are sick let them die they are use to Socialism. Look what England did to that little boy they didn’t try to save him by letting the parents come to the USA and try to save his little life. The Socialist Government stopped the parents and the poor little baby died. Now when people like Ezekiel  Emanuel decide that when your past 40. You will be taken away and the Socialist Government will kill you. How about when the Socialist Government test your children to see how smart they are and if the child is too smart the Socialist Government terminates all intelligent children. Now if you think  these rats who run our country think again you what Hitler and Stalin did to their people. The strange thing it was the Jews were the ones who got Hitler elected. When the Government is run by people with money and power they will always take advantage of the people below them. That’s you and me.

Why do you think we have a second Amendment. Not to protect ourselves from each other but to protect pour sleeves for our Government. So never give up your right to own and use a gun. Never register a weapon and always be ready to take our Country back. Lets hope that the Armed Forces will side  with we the people whne the time comes which may be soon as I see things.

There is nothing free in this world. Its’ a con job to suck you into your own demise.