Nancy Pelosi is a true Communist

 Pelosi has just proven that she is a true power hungry Communist. Pelosi calls people who own a business and big companies like oil companies and others unpatriotic and condemns them for making a profit. What are Pelosi and Obama going to do to Ford Motor Company? Ford came up with a billion dollar profit. Pelosi will have to push a bill through her Communist Congress forbidding Ford to make a profit for their share holders and their Company. Sounds right according to the Pelosi Obama Communist Doctrine, make Ford pay a billion dollars in taxes. The Communist Democrat Congressmen and Senators have to level the playing field; no one can do better then the dumbest Company in theUnited States. No one in the United States of America should want to make their life better than the lowest life form in the world or make money for themselves and their families only the Obama-Pelosi Democrats and Republican can make more money and live free from the Communist Government they conceived but we, the real Government of the United States will have to live in slavery to them.

 Here is the kicker; Nancy Pelosi has made billions of dollars for her husband and herself by using and making sure that she and her husband, and also her good friend Dianne Feinstein got lucrative Government Contracts for their husbands, like just in that a couple months during the stimulus package, Feinstein got her husband a 25 billion dollar contract of bail out money for mortgages for her husband s real-estate company. If there were other people bidders on these contracts, and these Communists Politian’s make it look like it is honest, they are the only one’s who get the big Government Contracts. Even if they don’t have the slightest idea how do what ever the Contract calls for. It does not matter if there is a conflict of interest; they still get the Government Contracts.  All the Communist Democrats and Republicans all cover up for one another. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s punishment by the ethics committee was a slap on the wrist, she had to get off a certain committee that she stole tax payers money from with the help of her constituents and head another more lucrative committee where she and her fellow constituents can steal more money for themselves and their families, Feinstein and her husband are worth billions of dollars and so is Head Dictator of her Communist Democratic Congress, Nancy Pelosi, is worth billions of dollars from stealing tax payers money in Government Contracts for her family and friends. How are Pelosi, Obama, and Feinstein able to hide all that taxpayers money they got their hands while protecting we the people from rogue countries, starting wars that when the United States got dragged into by  treaties that we signed with weak countries the United States were never meant to be won, only to kill off our youth and weaken the United States of America and keep the Country in chaos, because if the people started to along we might see what power money hungry ignorant thieves we have elected to keep us safe and free. Obama has hired the greatest  money launderer in the World to hide the money, Tim Geitner. These people put organized crime to sham. Organized Crime are infants compared to the Pelosi, Obama, Feinstein and Communist Democrats and Republicans. Look at Rangel, Pelosi put a stop form anyone investigating him and the millions of dollars he has stolen from the tax payers, and he runs the Finance Committee. They are free to steal all the taxpayers’ money they can. They all cut up the money and protect each other, one way or another. They even make laws to cover their sellingAmericaand the people out, to not paying income tax, to using inside information to steal more money.Clintonand Gore did it when they sold top secrets of our missiles toChina, for over $500 million dollars, they passed a law to make their deal legal and not be tried for treason. 

 Nancy Pelosi’s husband has his fingers dipped in a lot of Companies in stock and other ways. In January of 2007 when the minimum wage was increased from $5.15 to $7.25, Pelosi hadAmerican Samoaexempted form the increase to $7.25 her husband owns $17 million dollars in Star-Kist stock and Del Monte products are less expensive to be sold on the market. Pelosi did not give the people of Samoa the raise of $7.25, who by the way are citizens of the United States any concideration, she did not and does not care if they lives would get a little better, to Pelosi these people are her and her husband private slaves to work for her and if necessary to die for her, she and Obama are like twins. Pelosi then had American Samoa ear marked for $33 million dollars for economic development. Pelosi and her husband own the islandof Samoa and the people. Isn’t that a form of slavery?


Why is Pelosi always grinning when you see her on TV?  Because she is taxing the American Citizen to death with taxes that will make everyone poor and she is getting away with it. Taxing the people to death is pure Marxist Communism. Right out of the book. Keep all the people poor and you can remain dictator and have the power over them of life and death and make sure they don’t have any money or an incentive to make money. Her health care bill that was written by the Apollo Alliance, with the help of Tom Daschle, how to kill off as many people as she and Obama can. Make sure that the Illegal Mexicans get all the free medical aid they can get and more money from the Government will give them. No real American can get any of this, with the Pelosi and Obama health care the only thing that the American public is going to get is a knife in the back.

 Pelosi and Obama can rule over us. What ever Pelosi and Obama are doing is going against the Constitution of the United States of Americaand no one is stopping or even questioning them.  Thomas Jefferson was right when he helped write the 2nd Amendment, the people had the right to keep and bare arms, not to protect us from our neighbors  but from our Obama-Pelosi Communist Government take over of theUnited States of America. Our weapons are the only thing that will keep us free. We need a strong leader who is forAmerica andAmerica alone. No other Country should matter,America first, last and always!!!