Obama and his Bull Shit Speach

Barrack Hussein Obama is at it again, how he and he alone is going to save America. But Barrack Hussein Obama is the one who is destroying America and the jobs. He alone has brought America to go from a triple rating, one of the highest in the world and Obama and his gang of Traitors brought us down to a 2 rating in the world. GE who does not pay any Federal taxes granted by Obama and the Communist Democrats and Republicans and leaving the United States to set up factories in China and investing two or more billions of dollars to that Country. Obama talks the talk but does not walk the walk. It’s all a show to get elected in 2012 to finish what he is not for the working man, he and HIS REGULATERS are the ones shutting down the energy in this Country and killing jobs which we don’t have. Cass Sunstein is right now at this moment rewriting the Constitution to fit a Communist Government. The Government does not create jobs. When tonight Obama is calling to raise taxes to support schools it is another way of spreading the wealth, Communist Doctrine. We pay our taxes in every State to support schools and build new schools, why should all 50 States pay more taxes over the State Taxes to support schools and build new schools and hire more teachers. Isn’t that up to the States where we pay our taxes. More big Government to rob and cheat us of more of our money to give away to every one but we the people. I like his new quote, “We work for the people, that’s why we’re here”. Since when did Obama work for the people? Obama has worked for Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Tim Geithner to rob the Treasury of all it’s money, he has worked with Bernacki to make our dollars worthless, that’s why people are investing in gold, and Obama will take that money also. The Presidents and Congressmen and Senators with the help of the Unions chased all the jobs out of America to every Foreign Country that is our enemy, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, France produces and sells more goods here than we do, look at target, owned by France. Chrysler owned by Germany. By the way why did we have to bail out Chrysler, it is no longer an American Company. Obama says one thing and does the opposite.

Obama said he was going to lower gas prices, I don’t see gas prices going down, I see them going up. food prices are going higher, a pound of American Cheese at WalMart is now 7.50. Obama also takes his orders from Communist USA and George Soros. Obama is looking for a scape goat and it is the Tea Party Congressmen and the Republicans. This is a set up speech top make us think that he is a conservitive, he is following the advice that the other Traitor Bill Clinton did to get reelected.

Obama is not going to change his path of destroying the United States of America. He needs four more years to become Dictator of the United States forever, that’s what Obama is after. If he was such a conservative why did he come up with a health care plan that guarantees that all the Senior Citizens will not get health care and will be sent home to die. Why did Obama give Joe Biden 25 million dollars to refurbish a train station he used to go to work. Joe Biden pocketed the money if the renovation cost only 2 million he cut the rest of the money up with a relative or close friend who is a contractor. Obama and his wife blow billions of our tax dollars on their trips all over the world and in the USA. The million dollar buses he used, made in Canada not in America, were a fake. Obama flew to the cities first then got on the bus to make you think that he rode the bus from city to city. Obama thinks that we are all stupid cattle with no brains that we can’t see through his phoniness. I want to puke when I hear some goof say the we must respect the President. Obama does not respect the people he does not respect the United States of America, he hates the military, that’s why Obama forced the law that gays don’t have to hide anymore, to destroy the military. Obama will destroy us. Everthing he does is a lie. That’s why he bowed to King of Saudi Arabia and kissed his hand, that’s why he went around the World right away apologizing for us winning WWII. Telling the world that we believe in our bible and our guns. There he is right because with out our Bible and our guns we are S.O.L! I have no respect for Obama because he is taking away my FREEDOM, my right to LIFE and LBERTY and the PRUSIT OF HAPPINESS.

Obama has gone around the World telling every Country that America was wrong that he is going to humble us to please Europe and the World and make us a Third World Country. Now he is saying he wants to make us great again? Bull Shit! His wife told all the Africans in a speech that her and Barrack need another fours to fundamentally change the United States of America. Obama works for the enemy of Freedom, Hillery Clinton is working with the UN to destroy our sovereignty, and so is Obama. The Progressive Congessional Democratic Caucus works for and take their orders from Institute for Policy Studies who take their orders directly from Russia and George Soros. All of these Congressmen and one Senator work with Obama to destroy America. He also mentioned God in his speech. Obama does not believe in our God, Obama believes in A-lah the Mood god of the Muslims. Obama holds his crotch when the National Anthem is played.

Again Obama is pulling a fast one, to continue his Big Government, more taxes, more dependence on the Government for our survival, more Communist Doctrine tax the people to death. Obama hates the Middle-Class. Also his grandfather was not a hero in WWII he worked in a supply depot and did not land in Normandy and never saw action.

Obama again rushing a bill through that Cass Sunstien wrote that will be over 1200 pages long with all kind of Government controls in it, a Pelosi push, pass it first then read it, when it is to late to stop it. We must remember that Obama and the his Communist Democrats are out to destroy the United States of America. Obama is like a deadly poisonous snake that seems like a nice animal you would to put into your pocket but when you reach your hand in to pet it it bites you and you ask,”Why did you bite me I have taken care of you, and he answere’s you knew I was a snake and you die” that is what Obama is, a poisonous snake that has bitten our Country and we are dieing because of his poison. He appears and talks like he wants to help America, but he doesn’t, it’s only a ploy to put more taxes on us and creat another Bureaucracy, more Government control, another knife in the back of the American people. We can never trust Obama or any of the Progressive Democrats and old guard Republicans, like John McCain, Chambliss, Scott. What ever this Government does it is not for jobs, or freedom it is for complete control of our lives, so that the United States will be a Third World, where only the chosen eleits  rule, and we the people are the slaves.