Gangs Terrorizing South Suburb of Oak Lawn

   The Unions promised Obama that they are going take out the Tea Party people (kill them, because they are Obama’s Army and anyone else who doesn’t agree with our Communist leader). Since Rahm Emanuel has been elected Mayor of Chicago the Gangs are coming out of the hoods and into the streets. I said a couple years  ago that the Gangs were waiting for their leader to OK their coming out and taking over the streets of any big city, they are starting with  Chicago and the near Suburbs. Their leader Obama has spoken through Rahm Emanuel.  Get Obama’s  Green Army out on the streets! These are Obama’s people because this is where he did his organizing, also he had laws passed in the Illinois Senate to help keep the Gang Bangers out of jail. It’s all there to read if you don’t believe me.

 The suburb of Oak Lawn,  has asked the Seniors and other good people not to work in their yards or gardens because roving gangs that will rush into their yards and drag them into their house and rob them of everything they own and kill them if they see fit for any reason. Guess what folks no one in the State of Illinois can own a gun, not even a BB gun No one in the State of Illinois has a right to defend themselves, this has been the rule from Daley #1 and his son Richard who is a Liberal Progressive Communist Democrat from birth . So the gangs are free to terrorize who ever they want and don’t have to be afraid of getting killed  by their victims. They can sell all the dope they want to who ever they want. The Aldermen who run the Gang Banger Wards are like War Lords they control everything.

That’s what comes of people who cannot protect themselves or their Politicians pass laws so they can protect themselves. Any City in the United States that is run by Progressive Liberal Communist Democrats you have high crime, dope robbing the people murder, but that’s OK because they like the stupid unions are a big voting block for the Democrats.  Where are the police in Oak Lawn or any city for that matter to protect you, the Police are not oblagated to protect you. (look it up). They can only come into the crime after you have been assaulted or murdered. Big deal your dead, no help. Now if the people in the State of Illinois were allowed to own a weapon to protect themselves they wouldn’t have to worry about the gangs coming after them for anything they could defend themselves.

If I were the Mayor of Oak Lawn and my Citizens were being attacked by the Gangs, I would demand a law in my city that every grown up by a weapon of their choice and be allowed to carry a gun strapped t0 their hip for all the Gang Bangers to see or anyone else that wanted to molest them, and give them the right to defend their lives and take the life of that person, even if they started to run away and they could not be sued for defending their lives, their families lives, or their property.

 Obama, Holder, or Emanuel, or any progressive Communist Democrat wants to see a Black Gang, a Latino Gang, or a Muslim Gang convicted of anything they do. Holder and Obama gave the Black Panthers a pass when they were threating the White voters that were going in to vote, now if the people did not have to fear repriseals from the Government and were allowed to defend them selves they could have shoved those billy clubs up where the sun don’t shine, and where were the Police? Nowhere!! Remember they do not, I repeat they do not have to protect you. This is what Americans have to look forward to when Obama and the Progressive Communist Democrats and Republicans change the United States from a free God loving Country, not worshiping a Pagan god called Al-Lah. to a Third World Country like any Country in Africa where the people are slaughtered by the millions, because they can not band together and defend themselves.