Obama Lies!!!

In all of Barrack Hussein Obama rallies while he was running
for the Presidency, which he was already hand picked by the Liberal News Media
and the Council on Foreign Relations Communist Party USA, there was never a real
contest it was all for show to make the people think it was for real. In all
his appearances he talked and talked and talked but never said anything it
sounded like he was talking intelligently but using words that the people
didn’t understand. It was like he was talking in “tongues” similar to a revival
meeting where people are carried away with the preacher and start babbling in
what is called   speaking in tongues and that’s what Obama did. The only thing and it was one word that came out loud and clear was “Change, we live in the greatest country in the world and I am going to Change it. But he never said what he was going to change it too. So in his ranting the people used their own imaginations what they wanted in their
minds what the “Change” would be to each individual. Example the people thought
he said they would never have to pay their mortgage, pay for gas or food. But Obama denies he ever said that, and his staff says he never said that. But a lot of people believed he said that. Subliminal injection from his speeches extremely clever how he was able to get these thoughts  into peoples minds and be able to deny them because he really didn’t say that. The people were so fed up with George Bush that any one whom the Powers picked to run for President if it were a toy doll it would win the Presidential election.


Here is a good example of what Obama says, from the Sunday aper February 2nd  2009,
Quote, “ We can’t afford to make perfect the enemy of the absolutely ncessary”  this is from Saul Alinski’s look Rules for Radicals which Obama follows because it his Bible how to speak in meaning less conglomeration of abstractions so no one can really under stand
what you are saying, sounds great but what did he say. Why hasn’t the news-media
hit on these revaluations Obama speaks about, because the news media will not
call Obama on anything what ever he does or says the news media will say it is
wonderful and the people will never hear form the news media what is really
going on now that he is President or how he, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Read, Joe
Biden and all the National Socialist Democratic and Republicans want to take
full control over our freedom bring us to our knees to worship the new god, the
Government, and do what they say and think what they say is OK for you to think.
It’s called a dictator ship, it is no longer a Government by the People for the
people it is a Government for the Government by the Government to destroy the
American way of life, where only the rich elitists will be able to live  free and enjoy life while the  rest of can live in garbage.

This is great, you think the Obama and the Liberal Government are for the people they, are not. In the new stimulus package, that the liberal main stream news media should have informed the people will not help buy only harm them, but they did not, what it was all about, and it was not to help the people. Not only is  Obama, and all the liberal Democrats and Republicans not for the protection of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness they are going to tell us who will live and who will die. They are for murdering all  abortion babies, and now all senior citizens who will not receive any medical help when they need it. Nor will anyone else. And this socialized medicine in the stimulus package, no checks for  the have not’s, no jobs for the people out of work, no mortgage help. This is form one of the most relillable sources  that you and believe, Rush Limbaugh, you can go to his web site and it is posted there.
This is pure socialism/Communism and pour out lies Government against the
freedom of the people, now the Government is going to tell you who is going to
live and who is going to die because they Rule Now and Forever! I am not ready
for the Obama Government to take over my life and tell me what I can do and
what I can’t and that, because I am a senior I will have to die because I wont
be able to get medical treatment. The Obama Government are cold blooded
killers. With his New World Order of Socialism millions of people will die
before anyone realizes it was a mistake. Then what the  damage is done remember no one but the Wealthy Elite, Barrack Obama all the Liberal Democrats and Republicans will be allowed to live in the Obama National Socialist Democratic Third World.

The Federal Government should never be allowed to inter fear in the private sector, they are a Carbon Foot, what ever they get into it turns to shit