In my opinion:

ISIS is the new name for Al-Qaeda. Just like Osama bin Ladin’s name was changed by our propaganda machine, including Fox News, to Usama¬† because they don’t want we the people to have any resemblance to Obama. Osama and Obama are almost the same.

Obama told we citizens of the USA that he and he alone had crushed Al-Qaeda but in a few short years Al-Qaeda came back stronger then ever. Why? How? Because Barrack Husein Obama brought them back stronger then ever because Obama and our Congress and the Traitors that run the Muslim run CIA run by Obama’s appointee John O. Brennan, and the State Department run by Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry. Our Jew Senators and Congressmen who support Obama and they also support the Muslim terrorists, because they hate the United States of America. Our Government gave ISIS (Al-Qaeda) the money arms and training to take over the Middle East and kill all the Jews and Christians, a plane that was written in Samantha Power’s book how to use the USA to kill all the Jews, in North Africa. Also by us making the Saudi’s and the rest of the OPEC more rich then us, give them money and aid so King Abdula can support ISIS. The UN gives them our money and aid. Our Government kills our troops because Obama’s mandate of his rules of engagement against the Muslims. We also have a “No Win'” policy in any War our troops are forced to fight in. We never have defended the United States of America in the last 64 years.

But our Government and our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen made sure that we killed and mangled our troops to a point that now because there is a shortage of men to fight in these “No Win” Wars women are now being pout into harms way. 90% of all our armed Forces that were killed with the help of our Government were White! look it up before the Government changes it. Our Elected Presidents and Senators and Congressmen with the help of the UN always create a new enemy to cause more chaos and unrest in America. We are never without an enemy, and they are created.

Remember no Country that we have troops in that are fighting for their lives has declared war on the United States of America. We are not defending the USA, if we were we would be at war with our President and the Senate and the Congress and all the Bureaucracies who are destroying our Constitution and our freedom.