Seattle just raised the Minimum Wage to $15.00 an Hour.

Great Decision by the Demo-rats ans Traitor republicans in Seattle Washing ton to raise the minimum wadge to $15.00. Following their Emperors’ lead, to screw everybody out of a job. Because the people can’t support  a 15.00 an hour raise for waiters and and Fast Food workers.


The Emperor of the United States has spoken and his Liberal Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans are now going to destroy all the Restaurants and Fast food places. in Seattle Washington. The fast food places will go first will go first. I call that “Stupid is, as Stupid does, ” to use a quot  from the movie Forest Gummp.

They like all Demo-rats and followers of the Demo-rat god Obama just put a few thousand people out of work, let alone the Restaurants that are going to close because the people do not have $15.00 for a sandwich or or an extra $15 to $50.00 for a meal. Doesn’t any one of these dummy Politicians in Seattle read the news or the Internet where at least75% of the news is true and not Obama propaganda . A few months ago the Emperor of America did an Executive Oder and raised all the minimum wages to $15.00 an hour. All the Fast Food Restaurants run by civilians on all government Bases. They all  CLOSED!!! Liberals Demo-star and Traitor Republicans do as the Emperor demands.  When the Emperor drops his pants they all kiss the part of his bottom anatomy, that their persuasion might be, front or back. All the restaurant owners in Seattle should really be happy the way their City Government just screwed them.