Bring your Lawyer when you go to vote

I wrote this in 2009  and it was true then mad more true now


Bring your lawyer with you when you go to vote
Bring your lawyer with you when you go into the voting booth. Why? Because when the Politicians start asking you to vote say a bill, or a Constitutional Amendment. LOOK OUT!!! Here comes the best “Mumbo-Jumbo you will ever read, and you won’t know how to vote. You have to read it at least five times and really think about what they are asking you to do besides legally cut your own throat. When the bill or amendment passes and it’s against you and your freedom you say to your self, “I didn’t vote for that. ” You are now stuck with a law, as long as it taxes most of your income, you lose some important freedom, or part of as we have now, like freedom of speech, or books you are no longer allowed to read. Or the law tries to change history, say the Confederate Battle Flag, because it makes some people angry to see that flag. You can’t change History. Get used to it.
I was looking at my absentee voting ballot; I won’t say what state I live in although I have lived in three states in my life. The current one I live in where I am a legal voter. The wording they use is like reading some thing that comes from Mars. This kind of mumbo-jumbo is done in every little town, city, county, state, where ever you live. This took me ten minutes to figure out after reading it five times to know what they were asking me and how to vote for it. Here it is:
Constitutional Amendment Article 1, section 2, I never found out what section two was or where it was.
Declaration of Rights. This is really great how they double write and it is really hard to understand. And that is how we are duped by our trusted Politicians whom we trust to protect us and keep us free. There is an old joke that I relate to Politicians: There was this guy walking down the road and he spotted a sick snake, he picked it up and took it home and nursed it till it got well. He used to put the snake in his jacket pocket where ever he went. One day, when the snake was well and in good shape he stuck his hand in his pocket and the snake bit him vigorously sinking his fangs deep into the man’s hand. While the guy was dieing from the poison, he asked the snake, “Why did you bit me after I took care of you and brought you back to life?” The snake answered him nonchalantly; you knew I was a snake when you picked me up…” That is how we should look at what ever the Politicians put on a voting ballot. Stop trusting these people, because they are not thinking of you or trying to serve you, they serve themselves, they serve others and other countries but not Americans. Stop voting Party lines, Democrat or Republican, stop voting in apathy, we are in very dangerous times. Our sovereignty is at stake the whole of the American way of life is at stake, by the way we vote. All my life and I’ve been around along time I have listed to Politicians say they were going to tax the rich. But the working man who made a good wage paid the brunt of the tax. The working man always pays the tax because he doesn’t have all the deductions the Rich People have. The working guy is always at the bottom of the highest tax rate that the Government puts on you. And he wonders why he has to pay so much of his hard earned money to the Government, when the Politician said he was going to tax the rich. He is rich. You think he’s going to tax himself?
Here is the Amendment:
Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to delete provisions authorizing the Legislature to regulate or prohibit the ownership, inheritance (sounds like a will) disposition, and possession of real property by aliens ineligible for citizenship.
I don’t think aliens should be allowed to own property or anything else in this Country. You can not own land in any foreign, unless you are a citizen of that Country. So why should we be so accommodating to aliens legal or illegal. FOR MONEY IN THE POLITICIANS POCKETS.
Here is a great piece of gibberish:
Constitutional Amendment, Article VII, Section 3 and 4 Article XII, new Section
It reads: Authorizes the Legislature, by general law, to prohibit consideration of changes or improvements to residential real property which increase resistance to wind damage and installation of renewable energy source devices as factors in assessing the property’s value for ad valorem ( do you know what valorem means? It means it is another form of taxing you to death.) Taxation purposes. Effective upon adoption, repeals the existing renewable energy source device exemption no longer in effect. That’s why you have to have a lawyer with you when you go to vote.
No one who goes to the Polls to vote will get these Amendments right because they don’t understand what they are reading, or they will be in to much a hurry to even take the time to read what they are voting for. Or in apathy, what’s the difference what ever the Politicians want they get anyway. Wrong you voted for it because you didn’t take the time to question what you are voting for or find out what you are voting for. But when you have to pay more taxes you jump up and down and curse the law. You really curse yourself because you didn’t take the time to read what you voted for.
The Politicians are a slick bunch of men and women. They know human nature. They know that 80% of the voters will vote the way they want him or her too so the bills will pass. They also think the voter is stupid, and most voters are not stupid they are lazy and apathetic or don’t care until it is too late. Then it’s another story. What happened you said……..