The Criminals are already Protected

A question was asked. The next group to be protected by law are the criminals. I say:


In the United States of America, the Chosen Criminals are the Muslims first, the Second are the Black Gangs, the third are the Latino gangs. And we who have to live in the trenches are not protected by our enemy, our Government who only protect the Enemies of our Country. Look at what the State Department does all the time. When the State Department picked Fidel Castro in Argentina trying to over through that Government, the State Department and our President, Senators and Congressmen Knew that Castro was an Avoid Communist who already hated the United States of America. What did Our enemy our Government do? We backed Castro with money guns and training and helped him over through Batista. Look who the State department backed and furnished them with tons of money through the UN, The Muslim Brother Hood. The State Department at work with Hillary Clinton at the head and Huma Abedin her chief of staff and her father and mother are the head of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now Kerry with more orders form Obama, we back the enemy of the whole middle east Iran with the knowledge that will develpoe a NUK Rocket with our help that can bomb the USA and what Obama really wants is to blow Israel  off the face of the earth. Who is Obama bringing into this country and we will support them and the Government will protect them,not us. Trained Terrorist to kill us here in the USA. That is one of the reasons Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans don’t want Trump because he will upset their plans to destroy our County don’t want Trump elected. We Do!!!

Look what Obama and DOJ do all the time they protect and release the Muslims who go back to where they come from and they kill our soldiers and Christians and Jews at will. Obama and our Senators want the to happen here in the USA. But our Congress will pass laws to protect the criminal and not we the people. The United States has always sided with the enemy our the America. Don’t believe it? Read none dare call it treason and Shadow World. The students who study hate America hate the wrong thing. They should hate all the Presidents, Senators and Congressmen who want to destroy our Country. That’s is one of the main reasons they don’t want Trump. There is no difference between the Demo-rat Traitors and the Republican Traitors they all work hand in hand to get super Rich while making we the people poor. Because they Islam as the Religion of this Country and the cities and towns run by the Latino and Black gangs. That is only the start. When our enemy our Government has destroyed our Country and it is going to happen, they will kill at least 100 million people to make sure that Islam and the Gangs take over every thing. Look at all the big cities that are run by the Demo-rats. The gangs have take over and they run the cities. Look at Chicago. Emanuel came in as Mayor and the Murder rate improved 70% of more. Because the Majority of Aldermen and Ward Boss are all Gang Bangers. Check it out.

OUR ENEMY IS OUR GOVERNMENT!!! They are the enemy of the whole world.