Obama Names his guy for our Destroyer

Obama slapped the Navy in the face by naming our new Destroyer after the Senator Carl Levin (and he has to be a Jew, what is the matter with the Jewish persuasion) who destroyed the US Navy and all the Armed Forces, to me he is a Traitor like Obama. Communist Doctrine, destroy tradition and instill the new thinking.



We know Obama hates America and the American Armed Forces. Obama got elected to destroy our Armed Forces and our Country. That slap in the face to name that Destroyer after another Traitor like himself tells it all. Trump is bring it out how the elections are fixed. The powers that control everything in this country, let us believe that we the people are electing who WE want. The truth is we elect who they want. The powers that control the political Parties put Obama in to destroy our Country. And Obama had the help of every demo-rat Socialist/communist and all the Traitor Republicans. So do we vote for who we want. No, according to Reince Priebus big time WASP, Even if Trump wins all the votes. Reince and the rest of the Republican Traitors will pick who the PARTY wants as President, to continue the destruction and make war to kill more of our children for the UN. But the Traitor Republicans will pick who they want. Time to Revolt and by force take down the Republican Traitors and the Demo-rat Communists. So no matter which way we the people vote it is already decided who will be President. Again the Parties saying and doing “Fuck the People!!! We run things they don’t and besides all the people are stupid and do what we say!  It’s not wart they want it’s what we want!

We the people are dumb then dumb to believe any Politician. There has to be Term Limits and keep political family members out, so can’t go from father to son or daughter. The Tree of Liberty needs to be fed the Blood of our Traitor Presidents, Senators and Congressmen. Also another great quote: The Declaration of Independence says When a Government becomes destructive, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and establish a new one! Our elections are all phony run by both Parties.