And the President of the USA is….

I was right when I wrote this and it will hold up forever in 2008.

And the winner of the Presidency of the United States  is…..

After reading some articles by Cliff Kincaid and other articles by other writers, Marvin Sickler that all major Presidential elections are already won by the choice of, just one organization, The Council on Foreign Relations let in by Woodrow Wilson who listened to Edward M. House who was Wilson’s elitist alter ego who started The Council on Foreign Relations it’s only purpose was to destroy the freedom and independence of the United States of America and turn us into a socialist Country.


Barrack Husain Obama was guaranteed the Presidency before he ran, because he is the most Liberal Socialist minded elected official in this Country. He was President before officially being  elected on November 4th 2008. It was all in the bag. There was no real contest who the next President was going to be. As some radio and TV anchor men called him the “Chosen one’ were right. The Presidential contest is a hoax. All the candidates on each side were there just for show. The only real Candidate that the Counsel on Foreign Affairs, Trilateral, Bildeberg, Brookings Institute, Open Society (George Sorros)  was Barack Husain Obama.


All these organizations, along with the most  Liberal Socialist Democrats and Republicans are from the sixties who wanted to bring down the United States of America. With Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and Joe Biden and now Timothy Geithner who is a member of The Council on Foreign Relations  and is a wheeler and dealer in  world banking and has and still works closely with the Chinese he also speaks fluent Chinese he wasn’t picked out of thin air. Obama knew what he was doing his part to wreck American economy. He is ready along with Obama to destroy the economy of the United States with trillion dollar bail outs. We are already eight trillion dollars in debt.


All the key Clinton people that Obama picked are following orders from the above groups are ready to stab America in the back. They are ready to create the New World Order. A world Government that will be ruled from the UN. Obama  along with Nancy Pelosi, Reid and the National Socialist Democrats are going to pass a law that the people of the United States will have to pay taxes to the UN for World Poverty. This kind of treachery didn’t happen over night it all started with Woodrow Wilson. Jimmy Carter came closest following orders from, Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Trilateral Commission, who have moved to the New World Order the destruction of the power of the United States. What do these people care they are all rich and what ever happens to the people wont happen to them. Every super rich person thinks in the world thinks like that.


Hillary Clinton was a shame, she was never meant to President, her job was always set for Secretary of State where she could really do some damage to America. She and Bill Clinton are the head of the steering committee of the Bildebergs . Remember she is a Saul Alinski student she worked for a communist law firm in Washington DC. She is a sixties student and hates the Armed Forces. Remember how the Clintons turned ranking Army and Navy officers into waiters at their parties, to serve drinks and hor-d’oeuvers    to their White House Guests. Obama hates the Armed Forces just as much. Now Hillary Clinton can really rant her hate toward America as the Secretary of State. When the election got nasty between Clinton and Obama.  Dianne Feinstein called them to her home in California and had a closed talk with them, Feinstein is a ranking member of the Trilateral Commission, the Bildebergs  and the Council on Foreign Relations who choose their Puppet to front the destruction of the United States Barack Husain Obama, more then with the promise that if Hillary backs off and quits the Presidential race she will have the Secretary of State locked in for her. And she is the Secretary of State.


All the Republican candidates were also a shame, except may be Mitt Romney?  ( but today in 2016 Romney showed his true colors of the real rat that he is) Huckabee and McCain got together and forced Romney out of the race. Then McCain came out of nowhere became a front runner for the Republicans he was not supposed to win, just get close to make it look like the real thing for the people. McCain picked for his VP a women, Sara Palin thinking that he would never get elected as President now, because the people would never vote for a women. He was wrong the people were wild about her. If she ran as President with out McCain she would have won and become the first women President of the United States of America. McCain duped her into believing that he was for real. But he was not. It was just a show for the American public. Why do you think McCain was so soft on Obama, he was told to be. Why do you think Obama is so sure of himself because he had the backing of every left wing organization in the world who want to destroy the United States with the help of Obama, pouring  millions of dollars in his coffers that he did not and would not account to anyone where all his money came from. He would lie and the news media would make it a truth. There were pictures of Che Guevara hanging in his election head quarters in Chicago and in Texas the liberal news media didn’t go near that because they also want to help destroy America and make Obama look like the good guy. But yet any questions you ask about Obama on the internet you get blank page saying that this page is FORBIDDEN!!

All of Barack Hussein Obama’s cabinet posts are all people who belong to the Trilaterals, Council on Foreign Relations, Bildebergs. Check it out. All the names are there. And who’s fault is it that we the American Citizens have come this? Our fault for believing the news media hype how wonderful these people are. And voting the Party Line.  Not thinking for our selves.