Selling baby body Parts is Illegal


The Internet news media has found out that the “House committee documents prove the Illegal Trade of selling baby body parts. Some thing ghat anyone with common since knows that if the Government is involved it is Illegal. Remember Obama says he is good at killing people, aren’t babies people? Below is what I say.

That’s great information but what or who is going to stop this lucrative business of murdering these babies for their body parts. Isn’t that 1st degree murder, because it is planed how to murder these babies and sell their body Parts to the highest bidder. Why don’t you ( the Constitution defending the Union from Threats Foreign and Domestic) bring a law suite against these no heart, or feelings people who murder these innocent babies, like you would chop up a piece of meat. We get all this information and what can we the people do. Write letters that our Ruling Dictator won’t read because he made abortion a law and so is the murdering of babies in that law for their little body Parts, Our Senators and Congressmen all voted for this, do you think they care what we the people want. It’ s what they want. We have no control over Obama the Ruling Dictator, or the Senate or the Congress to stop these brutal murders of innocent babies, who are helpless to defend them selves. Who speaks for them or protect them from 1st degree murder. No one.

I wonder how much money the mother is given by our Government to murder their own babies. The only thing that we the people can do, since the Senators and Congressmen from both cowardly parties, who do our Killer Rulers laws. Maybe we the people should get some balls and raise up arm our selves and march on Washington and drag these rat Senator like John McCain and Ted Cruz who voted for this going along with his god Obama. Get at least a couple million men and women, the Government kill 2 million of us, can’t  armed and take back our country and stop all the evil things these people voted for. It is our right under our Constitution that we the people have the right to rise up and take our Government back.

Remember Nancy Pelosi. She was at the forefront of voting to kill all the babies the Government could. This also goes along with culling the population. Socialist/Communist Doctrine, Big Obama Government. I bet Obama runs for a third term as President.