Let me tell a few of the ways our Country is being destroyed

Isn’t it wonderful how our Emperor Caligula Hussein Obama has run our country into the ground. The Emperor said he would change the face of the United States of America. And he has. Look how marvelous he is destroy our Armed Forces by  letting Gays come out of the dark and serve our Country. But what happens when a Gay Corporal and above that rank see a nice young good looking boy and wants to have sex with him. What do the Gays do? They out number him and can try and force him to have sex with them, if not they can have him Tried at a Court Marshall for having disobeyed orders, on some trumped up charge, and they can get away with it. And the young boy goes to Prison for 5 to 20  years at hard labor. Or the gays can gang Rape him like they do in the Muslim Armies and they can get away with it. Or isn’t great that from the end of WWII that our Presidents and our great Senators and Congressmen, give our Soldiers to the UN, to fight in “NO WIN Wars” that our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen voted for and made it the law. Then the Government Propaganda Machine tells we Americans that they are killing our sons and daughters for American Freedom…No one that we sent our chi8ldren declared War on us since WWII.

Private fights that our Presidents had, with Panama, because Noriega would share the Co-Cain money with our President. Then there was the War to protect Saudi Arabia oil, so that the Bush family wouldn’t loose to much income. And then we back to Iraq, to kill the bad guy Saddam Husein, who President George Bush Sr appointed to run Iraq. And Jr. went in and killed Saddam. In the mean time our children die and were mangled, not for the United States of America but for the Bush family. Why are we fighting in Afghanistan for over ten years with no end in sight. Not for America but for some big shot that is in the UN that he wants control of all the dope. I forgot the guys name, but i will look it up.

Did we fight the people who attacked the United States of America and trained here with the help of the President Clinton giving them money and the go ahead to learn to fly the big Boeing planes into the Twin Towers. Saudi Arabia were the killers of over 3,000 innocent people. Did we attack the Saudis? No we attacked Iraq. Why not the Saudis? Because the Bush family is tied  to the hip of the Saudi’s  making money. They used our soldiers as as cheap Mercenaries to protect the Saudi Arabians. Who with our money have become super-super rich and are sending out every Muslim they can on a jihad to take over the World. And they are doing a great job. And in all the Countries they have invaded they get all the free money that the Government gives them from their tax payers who they give nothing to not even the safety that each country has to supply  to their citizens Here in the USA they have no fear of killing us, and they get tons of free money and they are training right now in Urban Warfare to kill us when the Emperor tells them that it is safe to come out because we the people don’t have any guns to protect our selves with.

Obama and our brilliant Senators and Congressmen, Traitor Republicans and Communist Demo-rats  passed laws that, along with the Blacks, and Illegal Hispanics we can’t profile them. Who are the Terrorists then. The White people and the Veterans are the Terrorists. Doesn’t anyone remember when Obama and his Regime announced it on National TV. Did any Congressmen or Senator stick for us? No. They went with Emperor Caligula Hussein Obama.

Maybe the Emperor and remember Numb Nuts Joe Biden in a drunken stupor gave a speech overseas and proudly announced that in 2017 the White people will no longer be the majority in the United States of America and he said isn’t that  wonderful. Maybe that’s why Obama wants the Armed Forces to be all gay and lesbian, because our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen gave our Armed Forces to the UN and have gotten most of the young white males killed or wounded  so bad they can’t have children let alone function.