I said it before and I was right


Emperor Caligula Hussein Obama, the State Department, doesn’t matter who is the head of the Secretary of State they all help the enemy of our Country and  mankind, and the Muslim run CIA. The Emperor has always backed the Bad guys in Turkey again. Obama and Clinton backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Now Obama and Kerry are backing  The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS in Turkey, to produce Turkey as another Terrorist State and maybe even the Caliphate. All to kill Christians and Jews in the middle East. The Architect of the destruction of the Middle East and the murders of Christians and Jews is Samantha Power, who the Emperor talks to everyday to make sure things are going right in the Middle East to destroy everything that was civilized. But most of Israel.

Our Government no-matter where in the World will always back the bad guys. Example: our Government backed and funded Castro who we knew was a Communist. We gave him money guns and training to overthrow Batista. And Castro turned Cuba into a Communist Satellite.   You know how many people Castro killed in Cuba? They were executed by Che Gurvara, thousands of Cubans.

In Syria we back the Freedom fighters, who are they? ISIS and Al-Qaeda! In Afghanistan, where our soldiers are being murdered, who did  and do we back, the Taliban!  So Turkey is nothing new  for the USA. May be we even back the Muslim Terrorist, ISIS in France.  Who did Obama put in Homeland “Heil Hitler!” Security, Muslims to make sure we don’t profile Muslims  and to make sure that the Terrorists here in this Country know when we find them out, so that the Muslim spy’s that Obama put there will tell their people what is going on so they can hide.

Who does Emperor Caligula Hussein Obama protect at all costs? The Muslim Terrorists!

If Trump doesn’t make President, the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans fixed the election and we better rise up as on and start a civil against our enemy our Government. Clinton has already sold us out to the Muslims. I was right in all my article when I said that our Presidents, State Department and even the CIA back the enemy of mankind for money. Look how many millions of dollars Hillary Clinton already sold us out to Saudi Arabia, over 25 million to the Clinton money laundry bank, the Clinton Foundation.