extreamly interesting

I wrote this after Obama got elected I was right then and I am right on the money now.



Who is the enemy, the people we are helping



Extremely interesting, the people we are helping to fight off, with money and arms and anything else you can think of, sell all we give them to fight the entire Jihadist in Iraq and Afghanistan or anywhere else the Presidents, and the UN decide to send our children to get killed and mangled for nothing, our allies sell all our weapons and equipment to the enemy who then turn those American made weapons on our troops and kill and wound them. We give them money to help support our troops they keep the money and become rich over the bodies of our Children that our stupid Presidents and Congressmen and Senators send there to die.


All the Middle East are all Muslim, they all belong to the Muslim Religion, they have been fighting each other for a thousand years, and they all belong to the Muslim Brother Hood, run by Saudi Arabia, another friend and enemy at the same time. The two Bush Presidents and now Obama are owned by the Saudis. Muslims are required by to speak the truth with other believers, but not to none believers, that’s the law of the Koran.

Muslims can be friendly to non Muslims but they cannot be friends. That means that they, according to their religion they can lie cheat, steal, and even help the enemy fight and kill our soldiers for their cause to convert the World to Islam. Our children are there not to win the freedom of the Afghan or Iraqi people they are there to die for nothing. There are no enemies among the Muslims, they are all the same. This hundred years the Taliban win, the next hundred years the Sunni win. The United States will not win; we will lose and become more weakened with not enough man power to keep America free and running, also the all the Politicians have nothing to worry about because the competition is being killed off. This also fits in with the Obama plan of weakening he kills all the babies he can, Obama does not want to take care of the military that are wounded, Obama will able to will be able to give away millions of dollars if the Military die, as with his Medicare plan to kill off millions of seniors.


I read this article and it got me thinking. From the end of WWII, the United States has gotten involved in Korea, not by us declaring war, because that Country attacked us, but because of our Presidents signing alliances with a particular Country, but most often or not we send our children into harms way because of the UN.


Korea, a UN war, who sent the most troops and supplied almost all of the supplies, the United States did. We lost 40,000,000 or 50,000,000 young men average age 18 to 25, for what? To fight Communism, to fight for Korea’s freedom from Communism, to fight for the UN, to what end. The United States was not supposed to win that War or Police Action as it was called. Then why were we and other Countries their, why did we have to have more men then any other Country. The powers that caused this War to happen keep weakening our Country by killing off our youth, most of them were white. These young men who died for nothing would have married and had children and populate the United States and keep it solvent and strong. These young men were sacrificed like lambs going to the slaughter.  We did not win the Korean War because we were not meant to win the war, it was settled to cut the Country in half at the 38th parallel. No win!


Looking at Obama, who is a cold blooded killer of mankind and reading about the Council on Foreign Relations, which is not a Federal Government organization, but made up of some of the wealthiest people, like David Rockefeller, world banks, and almost all of our politicians, along with the Trilateral Commission, the Builderburgs, and again there are our politicians right in with them working to destroy the United States of America.  Obama is going to send in thousands of our children to fight in Afghanistan, a UN war and he is going to cut the defense budget that will help get more of our children killed, to protect the poppy fields for some big shot in the UN that wants to control all the dope in the world. Where are the people to stop Obama and the Politicians, where are the big shot movie stars to protest the Meddle-East Wars? They are no where in sight because they love Obama and his gang of cutthroats and want to see America die like Jane Fonda, who screamed at a group of College graduates, “get down on your knees and pray that you become a Communist” it does hurt her she’s rich and will not have to suffer, like all the disloyal movie stars.


Let’s look at Viet Nam. Another War that killed thousands of young men because the President signed a Gulf of Token alliance with Indo-China as it was called at the time. The United States supplied almost all of the troops, and supplies to the South Viet Nam and their leaders stole the money and kept it and then helped the enemy then helped the enemy by selling them our arms to kill our soldiers.  There were a lot of sincere Viet Nam people that in the end were left behind to die. Again the United States was not supposed to win that war either; we stayed there for over seven years letting our children die for nothing. But I am sure that our Presidents and Congressmen, Senators both men and women made small fortunes from this war by being able to  secure million dollar military and civilian contracts from the panels they sat on, just like Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Franks, Dodd, and all of them do right now. What happened in the Viet Nam War, The “hate your Country, hate the Armed forces, College Professors and the Main Stream News Media along with the Jane Fonda type thinking movie stars turned against the soldiers who were drafted in the Armed forces to fight and die in a Country that they were not supposed to win that war, they were there to die for a Country they did not want to fight for. Again, and again the powers that are, and now with the help of Obama and the Communist Democrats and Republicans will not allow our soldiers to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and win the way they were trained to win a war. Here again the Main Stream News Media is always  demeaning our soldiers calling them murders and wanting them to go to trial for murder of civilians, who are the enemy and walk around in civilian clothes, our children walk around as live targets in their uniforms. The enemy knows who we are but we don’t know who the enemy is.


To kill Americas youth, by our Government who legally send them to a war that is not for the freedom of that Country, nor is it to make them a Democracy it is called for by the UN, who is another enemy of the United States of America. When will the stupid Politicians we vote for see that we are being used by other Countries to kill our children so that they to will help Obama destroy the United states of America. The Middle-Eastern Countries are all Muslim and all Tribes and will always be Muslims first and are ruled by the Korean, religion, not by politics. The Muslims will never turn to a Democratic Government. Let the Muslims kill each other, it is not the job of the United States of America to help Country. If a Country attacks America like Saudi Arabia did when they flew the planes into the Twin Towers then we should attack them and wipe them out as they want to wipe us out now.



Every young man and women that Obama sends into harms way is one less person to make America strong, and that’s his job. Weaken America by killing off as many people as he can and he is doing a good job. Every thing that Obama and his gang tell the American people is a lie. Obama want to destroy the United States of America.