Soros, The Jew Killer and destroyer of Countries


George Soros destroyed the British pound and made a fortune, why M-I6 didn’t kill him is beyond me for destroying England’s money Value. Now for the last few years, with the help of another Traitor Rat Barack Husein Obama, Muslims and Homosexual, has taken billions of dollars from Soros and Soros has bought the Demo-rat Congress and Senate and some Traitor Republicans to destroy our Country. Why our country allows Soros to even set foot in our Country is a mystery. Our Federal Government knows Soros wants to destroy our monetary system and cause more trouble. Remember during WWII, Soros who is a Jew  rated out his fellow Jews to the Nazi’s and they murdered them. Why doesn’t Israel bring Soros to trial as a true Traitor helping the Nazis during WWII killing his own kind the Jews. Soros and his Southern Poverty Law Center making trouble in our Country. We have to many Teachers and professor, and none government think tanks, like The Institute for Policy Studies who take their orders directly from Russia, and pass on their orders to the Demo-rat Caucus making trouble and inciting  people to riot and stir up more trouble. The News Media is also at fault for not printing the truth, which they are supposed to do. They only put out propaganda that works against the United States of America. In any other country all these people and None governmental organizations that move against the Country would not exist. Why do the most evil people live forever.

This is from the Patriot NewsDaily:

Liberal billionaire George Soros announced this week that his Open Society Foundation will donate $10 million to combat the supposed rise in hate crime we’ve seen since the election. In an interview with the New York Times, Soros said he was “deeply troubled” by media reports that say there has been a rash of Trump-related crimes since election day.

“We must do something to push back against what’s happening here,” Soros said. He told the paper that he was committed to fighting the “dark forces that have been awakened” by the Trump campaign.

Of all the suspicious reporting about Trump and his transition, this story about a rise in hate crimes is the most dubious. These reports aren’t based on FBI statistics, local police records, or any other legitimate chronicling agency. They are coming from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftist organization that masquerades as an “extremist watchdog” institution.

That propaganda is then being paired with the FBI’s report of a rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2016. That figure may be legitimate, but isn’t it just as likely that anti-Muslim sentiment was stirred up by San Bernardino, Paris, and Orlando? Why do we jump to conclude that it has something to do with Trump?

In any event, here’s how Soros is spending his money, according to the Times:

His nonprofit group, the Open Society Foundations, plans to spend at least $5 million in coming weeks to fund grants of as much as $150,000 to community groups and civil rights organizations to develop plans for combating the recent spate of hate crimes and to work with victims.

The group said additional money would go toward national efforts to improve tracking of hate crimes — an effort that law enforcement officials acknowledge is incomplete.

Put another way, this money will be going to expand “hate crime awareness,” which means furthering the same divisive rhetoric that Soros excels at promoting. It’s a shame that we’ve unquestionably accepted this legal concept of “hate crimes” in the first place. No one even brings up anymore how ludicrous it is to categorize these crimes according to race and motive. The crime is the crime! The rest is political.

Basic rule of thumb: If Soros has his paws in something, be skeptical.