Sara Palin….Your Fired!!!


Sara Palin just proved who she really is. When she put out that President just saved 1,000 people’s jobs by stopping Carrier from moving to Mexico, then telling everybody, ” President Trump just did Political Cronyism?” President didn’t get money for saving a thousand people their jobs.

President Trump just did something not even the “New World Order” Bush Family would do. If I were President Trump I would Sara Palin a pass, “Your Fired!!! and not even hired yet. I used to think a lot of her, but no more for the most stupid state I have heard, it is so stupid she sounds like one of Obama’s People, Progressive Demo-rat and Traitor Republican, I think Palin is just another “Pin Head.” President Trump is not selling favors like your guy McCain, and heĀ  doesn’t need disloyal people in his Cabinet like Mitt Romany, bet any money Romany choked because Obama and the Demo-rat Party gave him 10 million dollars or more to commit political Suicide

And she thought she could run the V.A. she couldn’t run a race.