Hacksaw Ridge

I recommend  that my 25,000 readers go  see this great movie produced by Mel Gibson. A true story of men who loved and fought for the United States of America.

Also every Flag Burner in our Country should see this movie and know what we stand for and that our troops are extreamly brave people and died for. All the Professors of hate and their Flag Burning Students should loose their citizenship of  this Country and choose a country they want to live and go there. Professors of hate should also leave this Country or got to jail for Treason for teaching Treason against our Country Government Controlled education. Bill Ayers and his wife and family should set the example and leave this country that they hate so much, along with Samuel L. Jackson, Whopie Goldberg, Robert DeNero, Chare, Fat pig Rosy O’Donald and many more who hate our Country where they became rich because of White people, not Black,or Hispanic or Muslims.

When are all the Black movie stars and professional foot ball players going to leave this country who they dishonor when they don’t show respect to the Flag of Freedom or our National Anthem. When are all the Hollywood people who said the would leave our Country why are the gone. I want to know why Samuel L. Jackson a Black Racist white man hater hasn’t left our county. Donald Trump got elected. So why doesn’t he and the rest of these ungrateful Traitorous leave our Country who they hate

Anything that they sponsor or any movie or TV program they are on never buy any product that is sponsored on these shows. Boycott all, their moves and make them poor again. Boycott all football teams like San Fransisco until they let all these Black Racist players go. Football isn’t that important and nether are the players. However doesn’t like our Country since we the People voted for Trump instead of that sleaze Traitor who sold our Uranium mines to Russia and banked all that money in the Clinton Crime Family Foundation Hillary Clinton. Leave now don’t with don’t riot against President Trump leave our Country. If you think that the people behind you that wont show up when you riot and get your head busted will help you, you have another think coming. See if Bernie Sanders everything free, will lead you and get his head busted for his Communist beliefs. See if your Professors of Hate will join you on the front liens of your riots. See if Hillary Clinton and her Family will go with you to get their heads busted. How about all the Communist Unions we now have AFL , CIO. see if the leaders who just sit back and collect all your money, and do nothing for the regular working man or women, and live the good life see if they will be in the very front of your riots leading you to your fate.