Get rid of Professors of Hate

We have to get get of the Government Department of education they work for Professors of Hate America and do away with America and make America a Communist Country where everything is free. In fact close the Department of Energy completely they do nothing. Stop funding all the Bureaucracies bring them to 1/4 of the thousands that work there and do absolutely nothing but make trouble for American Citizens to make a living and farm our lands stop oil and coal and create huge mountains of Garbage to save the air we breath but pollute our fresh water as the bacteria from the garbage soaks into the ground and pollutes the water. Use furnaces that burn garbage into dust. And that technology is out there.     Still want chaos let these Traitor Professors keep teaching Hate the United States of America and brain wash the dummies that go to college with no life experience and come from parents who have their heads where the “sun don’t Shine” Like Obama and the Clinton Crime Family.

This was sent to me by a friend

This is what our Communist college professors are teaching the dumb ass know it all kids in schools.

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