Good start here to Drain the Swamp


I wrote this back in when Freddie and Fanny went broke. Here are a lot of people that should go to jail along with the Clinton Traitor Crime Family. Start with Obama. All crime committed by our Presidents, their money sponcers, Senators and Congressmen. Remember This?


The new super rich


With Obama in place, and the Congressional Progressive  Caucus Party hiding inside the Democratic Party, bought and owned by George Soros, and the sixties radicals, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Dianne Feinstein and every Democrat that was elected in 2006 and the Obama Clinton Cabinet Tim Geithner they have found a way not only to bankrupt the United States of America but become super rich, and have more power in their hands that has never been seen before in the history of the United States.


If you really look at how Barney Franks, Obama, Dodd got their money it is called legalized stealing, from Freddie and Fannie, a already corrupt Government run organization that was supposed to help the poor but also gave Obama, Franks, and Dodd millions of dollars in political donations and making them super rich  with tax payers money. The two men who ran Freddie and Fannie walked off with $90,000,000.00 apiece and became part of Obama’s advisory committee. Nice you break the Companies and get rewarded by the Barney Franks and the Banking Committee. I wonder how they shared all that money between themselves, with Obama at the top taking the biggest cut because he is now President, he took the biggest cut when he was Senator some $700,000.00. On the street taking this money would be called stealing, but in Government they excuse their thievery by calling it political donations, also at times they call bribery a loan that they never have to pay back. If you were a normal citizen you would be put in jail, but since you are an elected official you don’t go to jail, you go to the bank.


With Obama in place anything goes. Pelosi has been waiting for Obama to open the doors to the treasury so the can all seal money with out a gun. Stimulus Packages, with the stipulation that if who ever takes the money has to kick back to Obama, Pelosi, Reid, should get the biggest kick back because Pelosi rams these things through Congress and Reid rams them through the Senate. Then they doll out a piece of money they extorted from the people that took the bail out money. There is nothing that is done by the Government that will help the poor, or create jobs, all the jobs are going to foreign countries, that is just an a lot of bunk, there is no reason why anyone should be poor in this Country. They are poor because the Liberal Socialist Democrats brain washed these people to be poor by giving them money for nothing. After generations of living in Socialism getting things for free, they like it.


Now if you really look at this one Joe Biden in the Omnibus package got $22,000,000,.00 to fix up a rinky dink train station that he used to use to go to work is a joke. First of all who is Joe Biden, just another Senator selling out the Country for money,  $22,000,000.00 for a train stop, and he is in charge of how that money is going to spent. What is he building a National Museum to him self or is it only going to cost a million to fix up and he and the contractors, probably a connection from his political party or a relative who just became a contractor will cut up $21,000,000,.00 between themselves and pocket that money.


Why do you think that Obama wants Tim Getithner as the head of the Treasure Department because now he can funnel more money into Obama’s pockets and they can all share are wealth while throwing out a few dollars to the poor. The only people who are stimulated by all this Government money are Nancy Pelosi’s in crowd, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, get all the money and become super rich before Obama can really bankrupt the United States, making sure that this country is dead in the water and will never recover. They will then be the super rich of the world while they sell the United States to the highest bidders that the United States made rich by the traitors we elected to keep our America great and strong. We voted for them and they sold us out. Who will buy America? For sure George Soros, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia already own 8% of the United States, Japan, Germany, we made all these Countries super rich. We the people didn’t, but our Liberal Socialist Democrats and Republicans did.


The real start with the sellout of the United States began with Jimmy Carter and each President along with and we can’t leave them out because they back the Presidents is our faithful Marxist Democrats and Republicans, from that point in time  to now the end of the United States of America was started. Nothing is done for the good of the World or the People by the Government, it is done for the good of themselves, why do you think they ignore anything that we tell them we don’t want them to do, because they are the new Rulers of the dumb masses, us, we the people are their enemy who voted them into office, because of disinformation and propaganda by the main stream news media.

Wake up America!