The Rat wants money

The Presidential usurper Paul, the Rat,  Ryan wants me, all of us, to contribute to him to beat President Trump in the next election. This is how I answered his bullshit questionnaire to get money. ” Fuck you, you  Rat. You and the Republicans are against President Trump and we the people are against you and the Republicans!!!

Paul, the Rat, Ryan has stolen so much money in his time in the Congress, helping Obama destroy our Country, that he will be able to support his family for the next ten generations, they will live “high on the Hog”, and look down at we the asshole people who voted for these Traitors and spit on us like garbage.

Give none of these thieving Traitors one dime of yours and my hard earned dollars. They will use that money and their position in the Congress to tax us to death while destroying our Country and giving it away to the Muslims and the Illegal Mexican criminals  They are so far away from the real world they don’t have to live with them and they have 24/7  guards, that we pay for with our tax dollars, with the best auto guns that are mad to protect them from us. They feel we the people are their enemy. First becasue they are all doing Cocaine and becoming paranoid, and second they hate we the White middle Class. There is no difference between the Traitor Republicans and the Traitor Demo-rats they all want our Country destroyed and they become more brutal rulers.

They want to destroy not only our Country but our Freedom and our Constitution. They love all the criminals and Muslims and Illegal Mexicans and hate we the White Middle Class and they want to brake us financially and take away the 1st ans 2nd Amendments so they can now kill all of us who fight back. Don’t think that could happen here? Think again when it comes to money and power the Politicians will kill 90% of the population to get what the few super Politicians and super wealthy want.

Why do you think they want to load up the United States of America with all the Muslims in the world and all the illegal Mexicans and south of Mexico, they emptied all their prisons and turned them, loose here. When the Muslim take over which won’t be long they will take over our Government and destroy our constitution and make Sharia Law the law of the land. The Muslims are producing children 8/1 over everybody. Our Government want the Mexican, Porto Rican , and Black gangs to take over with the Muslims to destroy our Country. They will be safe becasue they will be so wealthy that noting can touch them.

Like the Liberal Jews in Germany voted Hitler in and then he murdered over 6 million of them. The Liberal Jews that run our Government and vote for scum like the Emperor Caligula Hussein Obama, and want all the Muslims to come here,will be the first that the Muslim murder, the second will be the Blacks or make them, their slaves, then the rest of the Christians who will not convert will have their heads chopped off in the street or burned alive. That’s what Rats like Paul Ryan and the rest of the Traitors have in store for us.

So far I have never been wrong, when I say what is going to happen to us and our Country, knowing what evil people are running our Government.

No matter what happens in the near future keep your guns handy, be ready to take back our Country. Deport all the Muslims they don’t belong in a civilized country, they belong in the Middle East where they live in the 7th century murdering their children and who ever dishonors them. And the Illegal Mexicans. None of these people want to become citizens of the United States of America, they want us to become them and live and die in ignorance and live in shit and die in shit, just like they do in the countries they came from.