The biggest joke on the people of the USA

The biggest joke that is played on we the people of the United States of America is when people like Gowdy says he and the congressmen are going to have an investigation into Comey. The laugh of the century. They investigated Hillary Clinton, and gave her all the questions that were going to ask her so she knew ahead of time how she going to lie about the question. Gowdy is going to bring Comey up for an investigation. Their going to put on a “Dog and Pony” show for the people. But no one will go to jail. No one who has been investigated by the Congress has ever gone to jail. It is a waste of tax payer money and our time because no one that is involved in politics in Washington DC, especially if they are Demo-rats and or worked for and with the Demo-rats and insider Republicans go to jail for any crime they commit.

They want us to believe that they  are doing something to stop the dishonesty and corruption in Washington which is a lot of “Bull Shit” for we dummies to think they are working for us and our Country. But what they are doing is covering up all the crimes that they commit.

Sessions had Hillary Clinton by the neck and he let her go by taking himself out of that one. Sure, why not they are good friends and they have cut up piles of money free money that they all make in the name of Political Donations that are tax free. For instance where is the ten trillion dollars that Obama borrowed from our enemy China, it was cut up with  the Senators and Congressmen. Yes, Guys like Sessions and all of them they are all guilty and they will protect each other no matter what. Comey is a big Demo-rat insider, nothing will happen to him or anyone else that goes before Gowdy investigation, or any Congressional investigation. Even though the truth is out that they are all crooks and liars and thieves and Traitors to we the people and our country.

Then Gowdy and others send out on the internet that need money to help them investigate people like Hillary Clinton. They don’t need money when that pass laws and taxes to screw the White Middle Class workers out of their hard earned money. They don’t need money when they pass laws against we the people in favor of Illegal Aliens  and criminals and they don’t need money when they passed laws  that it is a federals crime to attack or defend your self against Muslims, you can’t profile the most dangerous people in our Country, Muslims, Black, Mexicans, or known criminals. They can only profile hard working honest White people.

These guys have stolen, legally, so much money for themselves they can support their families for the next three hundred years. Another reason the want to destroy our Country and have open borders. They don’t have to live in the street like 90% of we the people do with the scum they protect by law and they never ask for money when they do that.

The Senators and Congressmen are the enemies of we the people and the whole world.

Excellent tip from the NRA never, never register your gun with any of our Government. Federal, or State or City.