Donna Brazil Helped rig the Election against President Trump?

Donna Brazil after the Clinton’s and Obama threw her under the bus for what ever reason…she confessed to giving Hillary Clinton the answers to all the questions Hillary The Super crook and liar and Agent for Russia and the Muslim Terrorist, she is a true Monster, Clinton. Rigged the Election against Bernie the Communist Sanders and he lost the nomination for the Demo-rat Nazi Communist Party and Clinton the Monster won that.

Donna Brazil was involved with that  because she was running the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party at the time. Now Clinton the Monster was given all the questions and answers of all the debates to beat President Trump. Another fix by The Racist Donna Brazil another Nazi Communist  Demo-rat. But as long as things would be going just fine for her, and the rest of the Nazi Communist Party of Demo-rat to destroy our Country she did a great job for Hillary the Monster Clinton to make sure she got elected and destroy our Country, helping Clinton to lie and cheat. Donna Brazil had to know that Hillary Clinton put out the fake news that President Trump was allegedly working with the Russian to rig the election so he would not win. But in reality it was always Obama, Hillary the Monster Clinton and the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party that have always with and for the Russian and all our other enemies of our Country. Traitors! All of them.

.Donna Brazil was in the Hillary and Obama Click and she had to know about the lies that Hillary Clinton put out about President Trump. Now, shouldn’t she be charged with helping rig the election which is against the law and also be indited for her part in the in Hillary Clinton’s crimes. Even though she “Rated out”  Hillary Clinton and Obama after they used her and threw her under the bus. She knew everything that was going on. To me she is as Guilty as her partners Obama and the Monster Hillary Clinton to over throw the Trump Presidency and our Country.

Sessions better start inditing people or get out of the DOJ and let President Trump bring in his people that he can trust to follow the Law of our land and not Third World Shit Holes where they over throw the Governments in their countries every other month.

You can never trust the Politicians. And President trump should never apologize to Africa or any other Third world shit Hole Country because  Big super Dick Durbin lied and said Trump said that when it was Big Dick Head, Durbin  who said it, No one  proved the President Trump said that. Only the Fake News is pushing it. And Africa  one of the biggest Shit Hole Third  countries in the world should keep their mouths shut and fix their country. We give them Billions of dollars a year our Tax money. They are uncivilized and Ignorant.