Our Enemy our Government pays for our destruction, with our tax dollars

Finally a radio news commentator said what I have said for years  and I have written about in my articles. Our enemy, our Government, gives our tax dollars to every organization that wants to destroy our Country. Our Congress helps them destroy us with our own money, With our tax dollars. Planned Parent hood is working with the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party to foot the bill to the tune of $500,000.00 to Nazi Demo-rats running for any office in the USA. Great, our big shot spenders, our Congress and our Senate, who run our Government like a World wide charity give away millions of dollars to anyone who is against the United States of America and especially  the White people.as Racist Jew Liberal Socialist Demo-rat, Schumer, said yesterday that he would not appoint a White Judge that President Trump wants to take over a Federal Court.

We give billions for dollars to people like George Sorois and Bloomberg. Remember ACORN that Obama, and Bill Ayers were connected too run by a guy that was one Bill Ayers terrorist group, The Weather Underground. They Changed the name of ACORN to something else and they still are working to destroy our Country and our Government is helping them by supporting them with millions if not Billions of Dollars as Soros and Bloomberg get the same amount of money to do the same thing. They use their money that don’t have to our Congress gladly gives it to them..

These are only the people in the News that we know about. Think about all the money, that we brake our backs for so that our enemy, our Congress give away like giving a person a drink of water. What do they care, it’snot their money and there is tons more where that came from, all they have to do is raise our taxes. They get their “Kick Back in cash donations for themselves that can spend on them selves buying 4 million dollar homes like Maxine Waters lives in, in an all White super rich neighborhood. But she don’t live with the Niggas that voted her in. She is above that scum. ask her why don’t you live in your area where you get voted for all the time by the “Sucka’s that vote for you.

We give billions of dollars to the UN and every third world ignorant “shit Hole” Country that there is in the world and they are all against us. Jimmy the President who talked to God, A Traitor Bildeberg, Trilateral Commission, Communist Demo-rat who started that give away. We, not we the people, but our Enemy, our Government is working with every organization that there is to destroy our Country by giving them our tax dollars and they keep getting more rich by the day and we are going to loose our Freedom, our country and our lives because of them.

The Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party still run by Obama just got off another massacre, and Soros and Bloomberg and the real Killers the Nazi Demo-rats are pumping billions of dollars to the students to march against against our right to own a gun. Because the Police and the school system were told by Obama and Holder that they should look the other way when the Negros and Hispanic commit a crime, no arrests.  And that’s what they did. What did the Gun Free Zone do, for the Demo-rats, it got 17 innocent kids killed for their agenda no 2nd Amendment and no AR17s and that’s just the start. But that is not going to stop the killings, it will only help more killings. You have to control the criminals and the Psychopaths that broad casts that they are going to kill people. They tell every body on social media.

Boy coot everyone who will not sell us the guns we want because of one killer who the police could have stopped and they didn’t because of a Government mandate. If you want this money look the other way when crimes are committed by Negros and Hispanics. The NRA is the bests organization that there is to fight for our rights to own any kind of gun we want. And President Trump is wrong if he wants to take away any gun because of bull shit pressure put on him by the Fake News Media, destroy our 2nd Amendment

Be ready for the civil war that the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party and the Republican Traitors, along with the Fake News Media, keep pushing us into to protect our rights under the Constitution!!!

A vote for a Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat and Traitor Republicans is a vote for crime and no laws and more Illegal Mexican Aliens and other as long as they are not White and completely ignorant and criminals. The is how Rhodesia was destroyed by taking in to any Aliens and then they took over the Government and destroy that country and started a Genocide exactly what they ran away from. Nobody owned a gun because of the Government. So they were free to slaughter everyone they wanted. and that is what is going to happen here because of our Government supporting everyone who is against our Country and letting in all these uncivilized people as long as they are not White.