South Africa

Just recently South Africa run by the Marxist is all Negro. No White people are in their Parliament. Even though the White South Africans helped get rid of the “Apartheid” and even help get Mandela, a Communist Criminal elected President of that Country.

Now it is run by all Negros, Communists who want Social Justice… they are going to confiscate All land owned by White people with out paying for that land. And there President, Malema said “He was not calling for the slaughter of the White people yet…but the Negro run Government will pretty soon the Genocide of the White people. As soon as they make sure that no White man owns a gun in South Africa, so they can just walk in and kill the White people, Rape their wives and daughters while carrying out their Savage Negro African Rituals of killing people.

Now the South African People are asking President Trump if they can come to the USA. Now we have to understand that the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party run by a Liberal Socialist Raciest Jew, Schumer and his useful idiot Nancy D’Alasndro (Mexican) Peolsi and the Nazi Party will not let these White people into our Country because they only want sub ignorant none White people from “Shit Hole Thrid World Countries” to come here and fill up our country with people who don’t want to become Americans, they only  want the free money that is braking our country.

Now when these people take over our Government like they have in Rhodesia and other African Countries they destroyed that country and killed thousands of people. The White people in Rhodesia who couldn’t get out were killed by the same people they helped to into their country to be safe from the Countries they came from where Genocide was being committed and stayed in Rhodesia and then took over and they Committed Genocide in Rhodesia.

And that is what the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party and the Traitor Republicans are going to do to us, when the None Whites take over and they take away our guns so we cannot defend our selves. It is happening right now. The Nazi Demo-rat Party and George Soros an Bloomberg, two more Jews, putting tons of money into Florida where Cruz a Cuban or Mexican killed all those kids because of a greedy Police department that was paid for by Obama and Holder to look the other way when a crime was committed by  a Negro, or Hispanic and not arrests any of them.Now they are going to march on Washington with tons of money in their pockets from Soros, Bloomberg and the DNC to cry out for the end of the 2nd Amendment and confiscate all the guns, form the good guys, us. Not the Gang Bangers, MS13 gangs and the Negro gangs and the Puertorican Gangs. And only the crooks have the guns and that will never stop the Slaughter of Children or any where else it will get worse because we are becoming a lawless Nation to protect the Illegal Mexican Aliens and all none White Criminals  are all protected by our enemy our Government because they are the new  chosen people of the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party still run by Obama.

The Nazi Demo-rat Party are setting things up like they are in Africa to kill the white people. Social Justice. but first they have to have our guns. Then they can set the Muslims and all the Gnag Bangers loose to kill all of us. Listen to what Schumer and Pelosi and the Nazi Demo-rats are saying. They are also helped by Traitor Republicans like McConnell and McCain and Graham.

Times are not good for we the people and they are getting worse. Don’t believe the Propaganda about no guns. Our enemy only wants to disarm us to kill us and destroy our Country in favor of open Borders and the UN running everything the New World Order!!! By the Bush Family!!!

In my other articles that I wrote a few years ago it is coming true what I have said about this same thing. I am always right when I talk about our Senators and Congressmen. They hate the White People more now then ever!!!  We are the only ones standing in the Nazi Socialist?communist Demo-rats Party to destroy our country.