Trump Did a great job by taxing imported steel.

President Trumps move to tax steel that is coming into our Country is a great decision. A steel plant that has been closed near Chicago for 60 years is going to open up again and start making our own steel again and hire 500 people to start with. I remember when the steel mills in Hammond and Gary Indianan worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week and employed thousand of men and women and they made good money for the time.

Then when the Nazi Socialist?Communist Demo-rat Party was sin charge  and the Republicans were pussy’s then as they are now. Our Government started the decline of the United States by slowly closing all our steel plants and ship them to Japan and Europe and China. We sent the raw material to Japan they made our steel and we had top buy it back at a premium  price. Our enemy our Government was selling us out back then.  Kennedy was the President. Then slowly all the factories started closing. I remember when you were working and you quit a job for what ever reason you could walk ten feet away and there was another factory and you could get a job. But our Government destroyed every business there was and the empty factories were turned in Condos. but there was no business no work.

Our Traitors who ran our Government and think that own our Country, and not us.  They made other countries super rich at our expense and we became poor and then our enemy our government started welfare and destroyed the Negro family structure by take the Father out and leaving the Negro children without guidance from the father who could tell them what is right and what is wrong. The Father figure is the one that every family needs. .A family is a Father to protect his children and bring them up to do the best they can with out becoming a criminal and a women to be the mother to take care of the children and show them her love and compassion for her children. But because of our enemy read some nutty professors paper on families they tried it on the Negros and it didn’t work then and will never work. Our enemy our Government and the propaganda machine Hollywood and the Fake News media  Professors of hate all want to destroy the family structure and our religions , so the Government  can become the religion, and the people and families destroyed and they can rule with out fear. And that people is pure Communist thinking right out of the Communist Manifesto. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

On paper all these great plans for a one united world look good. But in reality they don’t work. Why, you might ask. As long as you have man running things you will always have power hungry people selling you out And then things change for the worse.Instead of  Utopia you have made a living hell on earth for we the people but the rich and powerful never feel what we the people will feel and those that run the world. They have no feeling on how many people they want to kill to lower the population. and the thinking that if our enemy, our Government, and the world as if they can usefully destroy the White Race they can destroy the world where only the rich rule. And this is being done to us everyday by our enemy our own Government working to destroy civilization it self for a pipe dream that will never happen as long as man is on this earth.

So we better back President Trump 120% and vote out every Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat and all the Traitor Republicans and start a new political the Trump Party or the Tea Party. But never the Demo-rat Party. If that doesn’t happen and we have to save pour selves and our Country we have to have a civil war against these people that want to destroy us..