Pardon for Saucier Good let him go free.

Yes President Trump, the peoples President was absolutely right to pardon Navy sailor Kristian Squcier for taking a picture while inside his submarine. I think he did it innocently to show his family what it looks like in a sub. While Traitors like the Clinton Crime family and other Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rats go free for their crimes and get their Lerner( $100,000.00 per year) of the IRS following Obama’s orders to target conservatives for tax evasion and other none called for crimes that they didn’t commit. How about Barney Franks who ran a whore house for Homosexuals, from his home. The News Media knew what Franks was doing just like the knew what Obama was doing and the Clinton’s were doing all selling us out for big money and never have to worry about going to jail for any crime they commit against humanity or our Nation. They are all above the law. The Fake News Media helped cover up for them. They were doing what the Powers that run the world wanted to destroy the USA.

I blame the Fake News Medan for not telling we the people what kind of sick degenerates run this country. The Fake News media and the Nazi Demo-rat Party and the liberals and the colleges with teachers of hate say that President Trump doesn’t know what he is doing running our Country. and they are digging up all kind of dirt about President Trump, to destroy his Presidency. Why have they never dug up the truth about Obama and his lies and ties with the low down club that protected Negro Homosexuals, and Transvestites like Michelle Obama who also belonged to the “Low Down Club”

Why doesn’t the Fake News Media dig up mall the dirt they can on every Senator and Congressmen and everyone who is appointed to any post in the Government. Why didn’t they warn the people about what kind of a person Obama, a sick degenerate who wanted to have little babies taught about sex at the age of 5,  and that he was sponsored by the Communist Party USA and the Bilderbeg to ruin our Country. I wish I had the resources to dig up the dirt on every Politician that is running our Government I would expose all of them for what they really are. The scum of the earth.

Who do these Senators and Congressmen think they are trying to  run we the people as if they are the parent and know better then we the what we want for our children and our lives. We are grown men and women and know exactly what we want for ourselves and our Families and we don’t need the government to come along and tell us how to live or that we have to bow down to what they want us to be. They are 500 hundred eccentric people that were raised in super dysfunctional families,  and everyone of them have a different idea on everything that they pass as a dumb law that only hurts the regular people but not them or their friends. The same as if we had a Communist Politburo, which we have only they call them selves a democracy. We are not a democracy, we are a Republic!!! and no matter how the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Part and Traitor Republicans and their Propaganda machine and even the schools controlled by the Government t say we are a democracy. We were and are a Republic from the time the Constitution was signed. But these Rats from the 20th and 21st century want to change us into a third world Socialist /Communist Country.

President Trump knows more about who to run a country then these professional Traitors do and President Trump is working for we the people not the Government who want to rule us like slaves.   Every move that President Trump has made we the people of the USA get the benefit, from lower taxes to letting our soldiers fight these “No Win” UN wars, and win. started by Obama and Samantha Power in the Middle east. Everything that the Fake News Media and the DNC bring up about President Trump is a false hood. Blaming the Russians and saying President Trump worked with the Russians is a lie. Obama and Hillary Clinton worked with and for Russia, for big money. Not Trump. How much you want to bet that Muller with with and for the Russians some where in his caree.r

Muller is a Nazi Demo-rat following Obama’s orders trying to knock out President Trump. And he is a prejudiced liar against President Trump. President Trump was and is the man who brought “Rocket boy” to his knees asking for a sit down with President Trump, Rocket Boy knows he is not dealing with some Coward President like Obama, or the Bush family or that piece of shit Jimmy Carter, who would cave in to Rocket Boy and kiss his ass, not the Senators or Congressmen and especially all the Coward President , Jimmy Carter started the appeasement for giving money to Dictators money so they wont’ make trouble against us begging like the real cowards that these people are. Trump is a stand up man and he is not going to lay down for anyone who is against the USA. President Trump is the savior of the United States of America and we the people.

The Obama’s say they will leave our country if President Trump deports all their Muslim friends . Don’t with for that, you and your Homosexual Husband never liked the USA anyway get out now you stole trillions of dollars . Go live on “Orgy Island” with all your other Homosexual friends. Go now don’t wait go now and take all your Hollywood friends with you. In fact the Obama’s stole enough money to buy their country. Obama make Carter look like a saint.But he was a real Traitor Rat working for the world and not America.