Pocahontas admits she not part American Indian.

Warren finally admits that she has no Indian Blood in her body. Now she is acting like a poor thing . My Momy  and Daddy told me I was part Indian.What a crock of bullshit. She dais she was an American Indian to get all her education free and her rise to power saying she was minority. She lied every step of the way and she knew she was lieing. She is a mean minded person and she and her daughter tried to fix the votes against Trump in favor of her friend Hillary Clinton that hates the USA as does Warren because from day one Pocahontas helped Obama pass every law that was against our Constitution.

How much money did she get from the Demo-rats and Obama for opening her big mouth and acting like a scream bully liker all Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rats. Now she pout out a state meant poor me. Poor her all right she should be forced to pay every dime she took from the Government for say she was 1/32nd Cherokee Indian she knew she was lieing then and as she is now. Now this pig wants the sympathy of we the people when she is just a mean two faced liar bitch and got caught in her own lies. And believe me she has made billions of dollars for being a Nazi Demo-rat against we the people and President trump.She should go to jail with the rest of the Traitors that run the Nazi Demo-rat party..she get a cell right next to the big gets Traitor we ever had Hillary Clinton. Who is above the law.

I have no sympathy for Elizabeth Warren she did a lot of damage to our country helping Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Nazi Demo-rat Socialist Party as a Senator, also she should not get the pension that senators get for the rest of their lives.

She is a good example of the Bullies the Nazi Socialist?communist Demo-rat Party creates. Anthony Wenner, one sick degenerate, in a Physco ward for the criminally insane. Blabber mouth Schultz, Pelosi, Schumer  all of them. A vote for a Demo-rat is a vote for higher taxes and they will take away from us, the tax brake, that President Trump did for us, and they will take every dollars that we work for and pocket most of it while telling us they are going to give this money to every Illegal Mexican Alien and any body who is not White.

The Demo-rat Party hate the White people and they ate our Country and that is why they are destroying our country. IN favor of the UN, and Open borders and no United States Of America.