$1.8 billion dollars…disappeared into thin air…

While Obama was destroying our oil industry, Biden and Kerry, their children were making deals with Ukrainian energy  independence behind closed doors.This is from the book Secret Empires, by Peter Schweitzer. The point is that Joe Biden’s son Hunter along whit Kerry’s were making back door deals for their father’s and their families to get super extra rich because it is Biden and Kerry that can pull the strings to what ever is demanded of them for the Billions of dollars they pocket in their phony front business. They were dealing with a real Ukrainian Thug named Kolomoisky, who was barred entrance into because of legal concerns…was let into the United States and taken off the bag guy list right after Hunter Biden and Kerry’s guy Archer were put into his company for millions if not billions of dollars. VP Joe Biden and Kerry got this criminal back into the USA.

Now Obama and the Nazi Demo-rats were destroying our oil and coal industry Obama sent Biden and Kerry to the Ukraine for phony talks for the Fake News Media like he was going to help the Ukraine and it’s people. You know that these phony rats are trained by movie stars how to act like they are men of honor and lie like rugs and make it look like the truth.  But didn’t Biden do anything for the Country but did a lot for himself using his power in the United States to get anything these people wanted.

Some time after Biden got a Ukrainian company called Burisma and the got a Kerry guy who was Kerry’s chief of staff, David Leiter a Lobbyist for Burisma. Four Demo-rat Senators, Markey, Shaheen, Wyden, and Murphy, drafted a letter to Obama requesting that we send more money to the Ukrainian  department of energy. Gee all Nazi Demo-rats working with Biden and Kerry to make it look like it is a legitimate request. For Obama to give them more money. But just think these same Nazi Demo-rats were and are more then happy to destroy our oil and and gas and coal but are willing to give our money our technology to the Ukraine and destroy us.  I am sure that Kerry’s Lobbyist gave these Senators a few million dollars to Obama who is on everything and gets his cut, for their political war chest, again tax free  and they can use that money anyway they want.

We gave the Ukraine and this company that V.P. Biden son and Kerry’s chosen guy. 1.8 Billion dollars to develop the Ukraine’s oil and gas. The money was sent around to a bunch of phony companies and banks and that money juts disappeared,. No one can find the money and no one knows where the money is at.

It is in Joe Biden, Kerry, and Obama’s pocket hidden in Banks in China and off shore. The best part the Government Police aren’t looking for it. Because they might find it. In their phony off shore banks. Well the best money launder that was ever working for Obama was Tim Geithner who also worked for the Chinese and speaks fluent Chinese.

With a rotten corrupt Federal Government we now have they want us to give up our guns? Are you kidding me, we need our guns now more then ever. None of this was supposed to out if the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party’s “Shoe in’, Hillary another crook Clinton was President. That’s why they were all stealing and selling us out to our enemies for billions of dollars and destroying our country.  And no one will go to jail because Jeff Session is part of the dishonest swamp and tons of Obama hold overs. Another reason they, Nazi Demo-rat and Traitor Republicans want Trump out because he won’t let then=m steal and sell us out. At least President trump is working extremely hard to save our country. The best way to save our country is to vote out every Senator and Congressmen who has been in office more then two terms. And never let these people serve more then two terms. and take away their million dollars perks that they vote for themselves.