The caravan of Illgal Mexican Aliens is coming


How do you stop them. All the news media is asking. It’s easy. send in the Army armed and ready for bear. Arrest them the second they come into our Country, load them into trucks and drive them back and dump the out in Mexico where they came from. If Mexico wants a war so be it. We should have taken over Mexico when we bet them the first time, way back when.

The only people to star screaming foul is our Traitor Republican Senators and  Congressmen and the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party. They all got millions of dollars to let the Illegal Mexican Aliens into this country from Mexico. They are not citizens of the United States of America they are all citizens of the world.

This is the new way to over a country with out lifting a gun. Especially when your dealing with super corrupt Senators and Congressmen like we have. Invade the country with millions of people take it over destroy and what do you have. another country.

Now Obama set it up if Mexico fails to bring the USA down for the billions of dollars he got from Mexico and the Drug Cartels, Obama brought in the Muslims by the thousands. They will surly destroy our Country because we have a government that wants just tat to happen.

So people don’t give up your guns no matter what, be one people,  we may need them to save our country because there is no Senator or Congressmen who will save our Country from the Illegal Mexican Aliens . The only person who wants to save the USA is President Trump and the traitor Republicans run by McConnell and Ryan are helping the Nazi Demo-rats destroy our country! Rotten bastard Traitors that they are! Here’s a better question who paid for and organized this Caravan of Illegal  Alien Mexicans.

Bet it was the Nazi Demo-rat Party and the Traitor Republicans along with George Soros and our tax dollars to make more trouble for our Country and create another enemy, which our Government has to have to keeps we the people off balance so we don’t see what they are doing to destroy us.Watch and see what comes of this in a few days.