McConnell undercuts President on China tariff

Of course McConnell under cut President Trump on China Tariff. Why? Because according to the book Secret Empires McConnell are agents for China and work for Chiuna and not the United States of America. First of all hisa Chinese wife ‘s Elaine Chao family own ships that were manufactured in China and the Companies name is Foremost Maritime. After McConnell married Elaine Chao, they had only two ships. But using McConnell’s position in the Senate for business with China, page 84, but ten years later later after they were married  the Chao family was dong increasing volumes of business with the Chinese government and the Government’s Shanghai Waiga0qpiao Shipbuilding Company. And building more ships. Through McConnell China was able to to Elaine Chao family more rich. Because McConnell used his office to protect China and make sure that they did more business with us using his wife’s family shipping Company.

Naturally McConnell is going to back up against President Trump putting a Tariff on China to pay us for a change instead of getting their goods here free and charging us billions of dollars if we send goods to China. Cutting into the profits of his wife’s family shipping company. also that would hurt China a little bit in the pocket and his job is to protect China not the United States of America. President Trump should have investigated  McConnell and his Wife and their shipping company’s ties with Communist China.

McConnell, Biden, Obama, Clinton’s Ryan all work against our Country while serving our enemies for billions of dollars of tax free dollars into their pockets and they are no better then then a real Traitor against the United States of America. They are Traitors.

Now why isn’t that Weasel Session inditing them. Why isn’t the FBI investigating these people they know all about what they are doing. Why are these Senators and Congressmen allowed to work for the enemies of our Country and helping them destroy us and nothing is done to stop them! They are super rich and we are becoming super poor. What secrets did McConnell and Biden give to china about our war ships and what did they give them to match our technological or even make it better so they can move on us at anytime and we loose to them. If WWII ever comes there is no Nation in this world that will stand with us they all want the United States destroyed and that includes 90% of every Senator and Congressmen we have.

Every President in the 20th century and the 21st century were working for the destruction of the United States of America. All these Senators and Congressmen are in business for them selves and they don’t care about our Country our freedom or anything else. Just to get rich. Another reason they want to take away our right to own a gun.

And the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party and Rats like McConnell and Ryan will look for and find nut bags who want to kill our unguarded children in our schools. That is why no sate or this country or the Rats that we elected as Senators and Congressmen will put uniformed police-men int the schools to protect the children. You can’t make move at an airport with our being checked out going through doors that detect metal and  before you on on a plane. Why won’t they protect our Children. Because that is part of their plan, besides selling us out to China and anyone else who can buy them, they want to kill our Children. I bet these rats like McConnell and Ryan  and Pelosi and Schumer are taking millions of dollars from Mexico to bring in the Criminals and Psychopaths from and through Mexico.

To drain the swamp President Trump can’t do it by himself and get rid of the Thieves and Traitors like McConnell, Ryan, Biden and Pelsoi and Schumer we the people do when we go vote. McConnell and Ryan are deliberately destroying the Republican Party and wants the Demo-rats in so they can keep on stealing money for themselves and destroying our Country. Because the don’t want President Trump to bring us back they want us destroyed for themselves and the can get more rich. Be Ready be armed and be ready to take back our country.