Stupid is as stupid does

“Stupid is as stupid does”, remember that phrase from Forest Gump. Well we have one. A throw back to Obama tipping our hand telling the enemy exactly what we are going to do the same as the Mayor of Oakland California, Libby Schaaf, told all the gang Bangers  Illegal Mexican Aliens from the Ms 13 gangs and others that Ice was coming and they all took off. Obama was good at telling the enemy what we were going to do so they were ready for our troops to kill them.

Homeland Security Secretary  (Hail Hitler!) Kirstjen Nielsen, it was shown on Fox News. that she told every one that the National Guard was coming to patrol our Borders. But and this is a big but, they will not have any guns.

Are you soft in the head? Then she reported to the Mexican Government exactly what the National Guard was going to do and where they would be.. Who is the Third World shit Hole country, Mexico, that we have to tell the what we are doing to protect our borders. Mexico doesn’t own the united States yet. Nor do any of the Illegal Mexican or anyone else who is an Illegal Alien.

Now that the Drug Cartels know that the Nation Guard is unarmed and the Ill gal Mexican and Hondurans know. They can walk right in and how is the National Guard going to stop them if they pull a gun and shoot a few of them How is the National Guard going to stop them or the Drug Cartels who are armed to the teeth with the best automatic weapons that Obama  and Holder could sell them so they can protect  our Borders let alone them selves. They can’t, they are sitting ducks for any Illegal Mexican or Honduran to kill anyone of them and walk right in.

Does Nielsen have Homeland Security Vans waiting for the Illegal Mexican and Hondurans Aliens so that Homeland Security (Hail Hitler) can drive them into the USA  and they can just get lost. Or maybe drive them to a Sanctuary State, like Obama had Homeland Security did before and went right around the Border Patrol and couldn’t be stopped  and drop them  off, give them money to by on and tell them what to do to get away with being in this country.

Guarding our border is like having a mean Tiger trained to kill anyone that enters our Home but had  pull out his claws and his fangs pulled out , so he can’t hurt anyone or protect himself. So what good are they they are targets of the Illegal Mexican and Hondurans   Is Nielsen still part of the Obama team. When did she take over the National Guard, since when are we protecting the Mexicans and the Hondurans Illegal Aliens. We better get our priorities straight. In reality we are at War with Mexico and the invasion of all Illegal Mexicans and illegals south of the border. that brings these Illegal  people through Mexico’s country to destroy our Country. Why do we have to kiss Mexico’s ass and tell them what we are going to do! Somebody better take a good look at Nielsen she is not for the USA or the National Guard. To me..she is working for Obama.