Sexual Pervert, Traitor and Thief, Biden wants to run for President

Biden is not only a sick pervert but he is a Traitor with along his son, along with John Kerry’s son are marking billions of dollars by using Biden’s and Kerry’s political Connections for China and for the Ukraine.

Biden and his son got the Federal Government, to get the Ukraine 1.8 Billion dollar loan for their oil and gas industry. While Biden Obama and Kerry were destroying our oil and Gas industry. That money disappeared right off the face of the earth. Nobody knows where that money went.

I’ll tell you where that money went it went into the Biden and Kerry families tax free pockets. They stole the money and no one is investigating it. Why because they are Nazi Socialist/Communists Demo-rats and are above the law and no one can touch them. Not the Treasury Department nor the FBI. They are protected Traitors and thieves and know they can’t be touched. And this Traitor wants to be President, this sexual pervert and Traitor. Read the book Secret Empires and see if you want this degenerate Traitor for President or anything else. Do you know how much money Biden and Kerry Crime Families can steal then and destroy our country while helping our enemies destroy us and get away with it, if he became President.