China wants to hit us where it hurts…


China is going to hit us where it hurts. They don’t mind robbing us, or sending 2nd class goods to us, and charging us a fortune in trade with them. That OK.  Now where is that? We are the one’s that made China what it is today. We always make our enemies stronger and more wealthy then we are. Bill Clinton and Climate Change Scientist, Al Gore with Hollywood tried to convince us the whole world is coming to an end. Never happened and never will. Clinton and Gore sold big time Military Commuters weapons control computers to the Chinese. Clinton and Gore helped our Companies go to China. Clinton and Gore gave China number one status to trade with us. They got billions, in return, of dollars with those deals and because they are Nazi Socialist/Communist Dem-rat Traitors and above the law they got away with Treason.Will Clinton and Gore help China hit it where it hurts? You bet they will. I’d like to know how much money they get from China every month,still today. These Rats never work for free.

Lets see who else will help China hit it where it hurts. The Biden Crime family who have made billions of dollars because like Clinton and Gore they are agents of China. China doesn’t have to send spys to the United States to steal our secretes. They already own a lot of Senators, and their sons all work for their father’s Lobby companies. Now these are Senators and ex V.P. Joe Biden. Hey you can’t let McConnell or his wife’s families shipping company who does most of the Shipping for China to the United States of America.  These people and others who’s children are Lobbyists and have set up phony companies to take billions of Dollars from China. They will gladly give China any secret that China wants all they have to do ask Daddy or Momie.. Hatch is another guy who has set up his own lobbying Company for China and any one else who might need a favor or a military secret from.

You have to read the book Secret Empires by Peter Schweitzer if you don’t believe me. We have more Spys and Traitors for China and Russia and every one else who needs to into our Government,all they have to do is contact the sons and daughters of these Traitor Senators and Congressmen to get anything they want after they cut the deal on how much money they will get from China, Russia and the Ukraine. Military Secrets, big money grants that they never pay back or where billions of dollars get lost and no  can find the money. Our money our tax dollars that the tax Queen of the USA, Nancy D’Alaswndro (Mexican Pelois  want to put more taxes on us,and the Nazi Demo-rat Party who are charge of the House Committee on appropriations that controls the money we give to China, Soros,(Billions) Russia, and the Ukraine just to name a few countries that we let rob us through our Senators and Congressmen’s sons and Daughters who own more then half the Lobby Companies in Washington DC set up by their fathers and mothers who are Senators and Congressmen. Because the laws of our country cannot touch the children for selling lour country out for their own super wealthy families  and help destroy us.

China has a lot of help in our own Senators and Congressmen to hurt not only we the people but our President President Trump. We have to vote out every Senator and Congressmen who has held office more then two terms because they are all Traitors and work for very country in the world but our Country. These Traitors have made China so strong with Nuclear Technology. They have sold them our secrets of all our Ships planes and tanks an cannons they are stronger then we are  and can make a move on our Country that we cannot stop. China is currently, along, with Russia are buy up all the farm land they can for food for their own countries and other key proputies. Never forget what that Hillary Clinton with the Help of Obama and Biden and some other Agents of China who are Senators and Congressmen sold our Uranium mines to Russia!!  She got $125 billion not millions. TRAITORS. And they got away with it because they are above the law. And Sessions will never indite them for Treason or for any other crime the have committed against our Country because he was and is part of all of it because he took his cut of the money in the “little Black Bag” No one can tell me different. They are all Traitors and Thieves. Our enemy and the enemy of the world that work for the UN. But never for the United States of America.