“BIG DICK” Durbin…

Really can we believe this? How did Durbin get mixed up with Joshua Holt from Utah. That is Senator Hatche’s State. Why didn’t Hatch go? Well lets take a look at Durbin. Who always takes his family with him, we the tax payers always pay for his family trips around the world. 4 days in Venezuela is a long time.
Durbib’s wife Loretta and Alice Phillips set up shop in Illinois and are Lobbyists. This is from the book Secret Empires. The name of Durbin’s wife’s Lobby company is called Government Affairs  Specialists, Inc. They have made millions of dollars lobbying public clients over the years and peddling her Husband influence from the Government to help out their Clients..  His wife’s Clients have received federal funding that was pushed by Big Dick himself.
Durbin’s son Paul , a lawyer who works for the energy field, also is a registered lobbyist. Paul Durbin’s specialty is securing public (securing public finance, remember that) finance for a variety of infrastructure projects including renewable energy projects. Getting Federal money for his clients. Come in handy to have your father sitting on the important Subcommittee on energy and Water Development of the Senate Appropriations committee, ( They are the ones who give away our money to anyone) Venezuela is having a bad time with money.
 According to Secret Empires, this, to me is what happened and is happening.. Venezuela got in touch with Paul Durbin or Durbin himself and they went to Venezuela. And while Durbin was on the Bull shit with the President of Venezuela  about getting Holt our of jail. Paul Durbin for the 4 days that the Durbin family was there on a “Business vacation. Paul was making the deal with Venezuela to get them a voice in Washington DC for Billions of dollars or a big cut in residuals for the oil the sell to us, Senator Big Dick Durbin will get them the money and anything else they need from our Government to aid Venezuela who is an enemy of the USA and a Socialist/Communist Regime that is killing their people. Mean while the Durbin family pick up more billions of dollars paid to his son’s Lobbying firm,  for them selves tax free and distributed in banks out of the country so no one can check on them. Chinese banks are very secure for our Politicians because they work for China also.
Durbin doesn’t care about no one or nobody. Getting Holt out of jail is an excuse to get to Venezuela and make a deal for himself and his family. all the rest is smoke and screens for the real reason the Durbin’s went to Venezuela. That’s how these deals are made through the children. and that’s how they get away with their crimes of stealing money while selling them selves to the highest bidders.
Do you think that these phonies care about the United States of America or people in general no they are in business for themselves and F–k the people of the USA and Venezuela. They are after the money. Traitors and thieves. Don’t forget Durbin is a Nazi Socialists/Communist Billionaire Demo-rat and is above the law. A phony, like all of the Senators and Congressmen they are only interested in how much money on the side are they going to make and get away with it. Watch and see Durbin work for Venezuela and their oil. Maybe they made his son a partner in the energy oil and gas board of Directors,  he will sit on the board of what ever and get a few billion dollars a year and do nothing but stay in Washing DC working to find more Countries they can make money with. That’s how they all make their money. All this is, is a “dog and Pony Show” that doesn’t mean a thing but Bull Shit!