Assad dropped poison gas?

Why would Asaid poison his people when he is winning the war against ISIS and Al Qaudia. To this day no one knows for sure if Aside used poison gas on hius people the first time.

If anyone remembers it was John McCain who went to Syria right after Obama and Hillary Clinton had Ambassador Stevens murdered by the Terrorist. Obama and Hillary Clinton more then likely had the help of Obama’s Muslim Brennan head of the CIA put the murder all together.

Right after McCain went to Syria to tell the Freedom Fighters that the United States and told them that we would send them money and arms. But what they and McCain didn’t say was that the Freedom fighters were ISIS and Al-Qaeda. A week or tow later Poison gas was dropped on the civilian population. It was done for the same reason that Obama and the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party find nut cases and have them kill our school kids, to take away our guns.

My Opinion is that McCain  and the CIA delivered the Poison  gas Cannons to ISIS and Al Qaeda, they were given a couple weeks training how top operate the Cannons  and they launched the Poison Gas on the civilian population to get us into the war to help our enemies ISIS and Al-Qaeda beat Assad. And then Obama and Hillary Clinton could create another Terrorist State to kill the Jews and Christians in the Middle east and create the  Caliphate.

And this new gas bombing could be staged or the gas bombs dropped by ISIS to use President Trump to finish their job to win the battle for Obama and have Syria another Terrorist State in the Middle East.

Very few Senators and Congressmen serve the people of the United States they serve the Government and themselves, and most are still serving Obama and taking orders from him to destroy President Trump. I don’t believe Assad would do that because he is winning the war against the Freedom Fighters, ISIS and go against the USA. Assad would have to be out of his mind. If I were him I would call President Trump and tell him the truth. Nothing in this world is as it seems since, Carter, Bush Sr. Bush Jr. Clinton’s and Obama have run things. Obama and our enemy our Politicians have caused all this trouble around the wold to destroy our Country. The United States of America. All for money and power.

( I will wright an article about the Nazi attack by Muller when i have gotten more information)