The Primary is more important to vote ion them the National Election.

The primary Election is the only time you have to vote for the person you want to run in November. The Primary is when you declare your self Republican, Demo-rat or what ever. Then you get the ballet for either Party. This is when and the only time you can kick out the incumbent  and put in a new person or the person you want to run in November. It doen’t matter if he or she was a good guy or not. They all have been in office to long and can’t be trusted.

Today my wife and I did early voting and I didn’t vote for one incumbent. I want new people that aren’t tainted by Washington with bribes and other gifts to buy their votes.

If we the people are going to drain the ” Swamp” we have to vote in the Primary, to get another person in his or her place, it doesn’t matter if you tell them who you are or what Party you belong too. When I worked a Precinct in a big northern city, when I was a young man I told all my people in my Precinct to make sure they voted in the Primary to get the person in that they wanted.

Don’t wait for November to vote and see that the people you wanted are not on the ballet, most people then, won’t vote and this is what the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party want you to do. So do the Traitors that are Rhino Republicans and Traitors to us.  If you don’t vote in the Primary the crooks and Traitors  can stay in office forever and destroy us and our Country for themselves.

“Drain the Swamp” by voting in the Primary and then in November to get your choice voted in. The person you want, not the Republican Party or the Nazi Demo-rat Party. It’s up to you. If you want to see our Country turn into some Spanish Third World Shit hole like Mexico and Pan America or Cuba, run by MS13 gangs and thugs, where there is no Constitution or a Bill of Rights, no laws for the White people, because we are the only ones who have any Human feelings about anything, Not the None White Races, all they have is Murder in their hearts. That’s why Obama and the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Party with the help of the Traitor Republicans lead by McConnell, Boehoner, and now Ryan want them here  to destroy our Country. Then we have Islam another killer Cult as the religion of this Country. The Primary is your choice to get rid of all the Incumbent Rats, crooks and killers of our Freedom.