President Trump fire Muller now!


President Trump we people of the United States of America want you to fire Robert Mueller, Sessions,  Rosenstein, and everybody else that is against you. We the people are for  you 120%. You are the best President that this country is head in over 100 years. Now don’t be a good guy and try and be fair, be the  tough guy you really are, and have every body that is evolved in this Banana Republic take over indited and put in jail now.  That is Comey, and all the people that ran the FBI for Obama and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton must be indited for her crimes against our Country. All the FBI Agents like McCabe should be indited and sent to jail for their crimes against you, our country and we the people.  Now the Washington Deep State Government is still run by Obama and his gang of Rats, along with the Clinton Crime family.Muller treats you like a common criminal but they kissed Hillary Clinton’s ass and did nothing to her. But you President Trump they treat you like a criminal. Fire Muller. We the people want you to fire him, you don’t have to do anything this Rat says you have to do. You were elected President by over 50 million people, Muller wasn’t elected to anything,  do you think that we would ab abandon you for the Rat Nazi Demo-rat Party, or the fake News Media if you fired Muller and all the Obama hold overs. The people of the USA will never go against you, you are saving us and our Country.


These people Washington DC are your enemy and are our enemy, we will drain the swamp the best we can  in November and try to put in people that are for us and you.  r. We don’t want to not see the Nazi Democrat Party  run this country.

Mueller acts like he is the President of the United States and and you are the criminal. You have to destroy your enemy, Mueller We the people want to see  Rats like Mueller and everybody in the FBI that tried to destroy you, and make sure Hillary Clinton goes to jail with these Government FBI guys who tried to over through our Government and you be indited  for the crimes that they committed  the crime Hillary Clinton  committed.

Everybody that is involved i in this Banana Republic take over, who could destroy you has to be taken care of by you begin by firing Robert Muller. Muller is setting a trap for  you  anyway he can.

As the President of the United States you don’t  have to answer any of Mueller’s questions. He can’t subpoena you and he can’t force you to say anything to him or anybody else because you are the President of the United States of America and above all this crap.

So don’t be afraid  of Demo-rats don’t be afraid of the Fake News Media that are against you, or Traitors like McConnell, who is owned by the Chinese and  Ryan who is owned by Soros and all the rest the Rhinos in the Republican Party. All you have to remember, President TRUMP, is that we people stand by you with our lives if  that has to be to save you from these Rats want to destroy you.

Don’t forget these people would destroy in a minute, so you have to destroy them. And if you fire Rosestein and Session say he’ll quick as DOJ, Great he’s another Rat as far as we the people are concerned. All Sessions is doing is stone walling everything along with the I.G. They are waiting for November when they think the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party  will take over. They might be in for a big surprise.

We the people are tired of these criminals who are all Demo-rats get away with any crime they commit. From murder to Treason. We want you to shut down all the Sanctuary cities and States and see all these Politicians and Governors and Mayors who protected all the Illegal Aline Mexican Criminals go to jail. Start with that Pig Mayor of Oakland California.

And now we find out that the Traitors have even tapped your phones in the White House. You better come down hard on these people who want to destroy you. Follow the money and you will find the Traitors.