China has a better Navy then we do…how come?

While watching Fox News they showed a clip of the Chinese Navy. For a minute I thought that I was watching our Jet Fighter flying off the deck of our Aircraft Carrier. But is was a Chinese Air Craft Carrier.  The plane looked exactly like ours.Then the clip showed fighting ships like destroyers and a atomic sub  that look exactly like ours.

Where did China get all this technology to have a super Navy better then ours. I’ll tell you. The United States of America always has to have an enemy. And all our ex-Presidents and the State Department work with and for our enemies.

China is a Communist Country, North Korea is a Communist Country 3/4 of the countries in Asia are Communist Countries and enemies of the United States of America. Yet we trade with them, Vietnam a Communist country where over 50,000 young men, 90% White died fighting Communism for the UN, we now trade with them, and died and were mangled for nothing. Korea was the same thing. The wars we are fighting today are a waste of time and lives because nothing will come from fighting in these countries because we have a “no Win” policy with the UN to never win a war.

After WWII, and all the damage we and the Nazi’s did in Europe. The United States of America built them up again. President Truman fired General MacArthur because he wanted to win the war in Korea, and we were’t supposed to win because it was a UN war, we lost over 50,000 dead young men  for nothing and the UN. That’s not counting the young men that were wounded.

All our ex Presidents sold us out to our enemies for, what else, money. Bill Clinton gave North Korea two Nuclear Reactors and 5 billion dollars, No one knows how much Clinton got back from North Korea for the deal. Bill Clinton sold us out to China for big bucks, making them the biggest world wide traders and super rich in the World and now a super power, that makes us look like nothing. All our V.P. like Biden sold us out to China, Russia and the Ukraine. McConnell sold us out to China with his wife’s families shipping company. Carter sold us out to all the Muslim Countries when he singled handed destroyed Iran. The Bush family sold us out to Saudi Arabia. Clinton kept selling China our military secrets, and Obama sold us out to Iran and every Muslim Terrorists country in the Middle east to destroy Israel. Obama gave them our Military secrets and nuclear technology plus Iran Billions of dollars in cash. Obama’s kick back must be in the billions. Then Obama borrowed Trillions of dollars from China,m and gave them more military Secrets, which he didn’t have to do because our country collects trillions of dollars from we the people in taxes. Obama got away with everything dishonest he wanted to do selling our Militarily secrets to China and every one else. Obama got away with all this because he cut up the money with the Senators and Congressmen. Obama even destroyed the FBI with his “Hench men”. Obama also made our country weak and our enemies stronger then us. Obama caused the invasion of all Illegal Mexican Aliens and everyone else to destroy our Country. The Muslims are the worst, Obama made Our country  so weak that if China or any other country wanted to start a war with us we might not win because of all the Traitors and the Senators and Congressmen who are against our Country letting Obama destroy our Military.

They are all lead by the Nazi Socialist/Communist Nazi Demo-rat Party who are still in charge, because the Republicans have no guts to fight back for we the people and our Country, run by Nancy D’Alasandro Pelosi and Shumer a Socialist Jew who along with the rest of them hate our country and want to destroy it and us.  The only thing that stops a country or the Muslims  or the Illegal Mexicans  and the FBI from taking our country away from us is over 80 million people that own a gun. That is why all the liberals and the Nazi Demo-rat Party want our guns. That is why the Nazi Demo-rat Party go out of their way to find people to kill our school children. Another reason the Nazi Demo-rat Party and the Traitor Republicans don’t want police in the schools to protect our innocent children.