I.G. postpones his testimony

Well let’s see if I.G. Micheal Horowitz is a corrupted politician who is put in this position to protect, Obama, Hillary Clinton, in fact fall on the sword for Obama and Hillary Clinton. Horowitz was appointed by the great magic Negro who was supposed to save our Country, but instead started our country to it’s eventual destruction by Obama’s acts of Communism and Treason. Going out of his way to fund and give secrets to all our enemies and finance ISSI and Al- Qaeda, with the help of every Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat and Traitor Republicans, i.e Boehnor, McConnell and Ryan and their gang of Socialists who believe that the Constitution is out of date. Our Constitution is not out of date it is the people who want to change it are out of date.

Now if Horowitz is this so called straight shooter, and that scares me because Obama never hired anyone that was a straight shooter. Obama only hired Socialist, Muslims and people that hate the United States of America and will work for him not the country they are citizens of, our Country.. Now if Horowitz is not Corrupted by Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Nazi Demo-rats that will be great.

But all the Jews lean toward Socialism, and are not interested in Capitalism. I won’t put to much faith in any person that Obama gave a political job to. Obama only appoints people to protect all the Nazi Demo-rat Criminals that we the people want to see put in jail. Starting with Hillary Clinton, and work from there. So, do as I do, ( my mother always told me to this, and she was right) “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”  you will never be disappointed, guarantied.

If you think about it why does Horowitz want to postpone his testimony about Hillary Clinton. Check it out with her first? Get promised a better paying job? A lifetime income from the Clinton’s people like China and Russia that they sold us out too. Every body else who was to testifies against Hillary Clinton Broke the law and fell on the sword for her.

DOJ inspector postpones testimony after new Hillary email case leads found

May 5, 2018

DOJ inspector postpones testimony after new Hillary email case leads foundImage via K2 images / Shutterstock.com

There is just a little more hope that we may finally get some justice against Hillary Clinton.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee has been delayed, so he can have more time to review new evidence in regard to the Hillary email investigation.

Bad News for Hillary

For what seems like years, the House Oversight Committee had been requesting information from the FBI related to Hillary’s email case.

Within the last couple of weeks, the committee was finally able to secure the release of the information it needed to fully investigate the case.

Now that the Inspector General has his hands on the information, the committee wants a report to find out exactly how Comey came to let Hillary off the hook.

While his original testimony date was scheduled for May 8, he will now look to testify as soon as he finishes his report on the case.

On the delay, Rep. Gowdy stated, “It is of the utmost importance that your review be fulsome, complete, and unimpeded as possible.”

Delay Should Not Be Long

According to reports, even though his testimony is being delayed, it should not be a significant delay.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has been facing considerable heat from the Trump administration over the raid of Cohen’s hotel room and office, seems very optimistic the report will present the Justice Department with a learning opportunity.

Rosenstein stated, “Within the next few weeks, I anticipate our inspector general will complete a comprehensive, fair, and nonpartisan report that answers many questions about how the Department of Justice handled a high-profile investigation during the last presidential campaign.”

“We will learn from it, and our Department will do better in the future,” Rosenstein added.

Now, that does not exactly sound like someone that is confident the investigation was actually handled properly.

That little tidbit is not good news for Comey, McCabe, or Hillary.

Comey had managed to dodge the bullet thus far, but this report could change that.

And McCabe, well, he is already hanging on by a thread.

Hillary should also be walking on egg shells right now.

If Horowitz finds a blatant mishandling of the case, there is a very good chance a new investigation will be opened up into the email scandal.

Without Obama putting pressure on the Justice Department, it is unlikely Hillary will like the outcome the second time around.