Gowdy turned Nazi Demo-rat!

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Trey Gowdy is sticking up for the FBI spying on President Trump? Yep he is. I guess the Deep State and the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party who are still in charge of the Congress and the Senate despite being out numbered by the Republicans run by two cowards who fear them, Ryan and McConnell because they never fight back.  And And The Deep State and the Liberal left run by their god, Obama is still in control of the House and Senate, with his main stem Valery Jarrett.

They took Gowdy to the “wood shade”.  And low and behold Gwody is now a lefty Liberal working for the Nazi Demo-rat Party against President Trump. Notice how Gowdy dropped the Benghazi murders of Ambassador Stevens and four super guys who gave up their lives trying to save him. Hoping that help would come but never did because Hillary Clinton and Biden and Obama let these men die  as was planed by them and the Brennan of the CIA, for what ever reason.

Remember Gowdy making a lot of noise about Benghazi that he was going to get to the bottom of it. and Hillary Clinton dusted him off like he was nothing but dirt. Why didn’t Gowdy put Hillary Clinton under oath? Good question. It was as I said then, it was nothing but a “Dog and Pony Show’ for we the people to think that Gowdy was a tough guy and he was going to get Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton. Gowdy got nothing and it dropped it like a bag of poop, out of site forever. The Fake News Media never brought it up again and neither did Gowdy. All phony Bull Shit by our enemy our Senators and Congressmen like Gowdy.

What is he been promised by the Liberal Nazi Demo-rat Party and the Clinton Crime family, who are above the law, even though they commit murder extort billions of dollars selling us out the Russia and China and North Korea, when Big Bill Clinton, the Traitor gave to North Korea 5 billion dollars and two nuclear Reactors and the Technology how build them and train their people how to make a Nuclear Bomb and Black mail the USA into giving North Korea Billions of dollars so they can perfect the Nuclear Bomb to drop on us. And they also, with the help of Obama, gave their information to Iran along with trillions of dollars Obama gave them in cash. The Fake News Media made it look like it was just nothing. The “Good old Boys Club’ That is wrecking our country and they are making money Hand over fist will never go to jail they are above the law. But if you as a citizen didn’t anything the Nazi Demo-Rats or the what the Good old Boys think you did you go to jail right now.

None of these guys don’t work for free they sold us out and are richer then Rockefeller.. China already has the Nuclear bombs because Bill Clinton gave it to them . For trillions of tax free dollars.

So what is Gowdy? Another phony who got promised, when he takes a walk from Congress, Money? A big job as a State Prosecutor, Governor of the State of South Carolina? Gowdy got some thing for turning on President Trump.

Gowdy was already  a turned  Rat. All mouth and no real action just to make noise like he was going to do something and did nothing. You can never convict the Clinton Crime Family or Obama or any Nazi political appointee like Muller and Comey. They are all free to work against President Trump the only President in our history to work for the freedom of our Country and we the people.