Gasoline going up.

Gasoline is going up $2.99.9, at all the gas stations. That’s what the Communist Nazi Demo-rat Party always calls leveling the playing field for we the people. But in reality the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party destroyed Free enterprise where there should be a price war at the gasoline stations that would help we the working Class. But there is none because all the money goes to our enemy, the only people that work against we the citizen of this country, our Congressmen and Senators and they make problems and cause  inflation  aimed at the White Middle Class that holds this country together. The Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party and the Rhino Traitor Republicans who work for and with the Nazi Party to wreck us while they get so rich they can buy a country they want after they destroy the United States of America.

The EPA destroyed all the oil refineries we had in the United States to refine our own oil which, which Bill Clinton helped sell Standard oil to England that we found in Alaska. Our own oil owned by a Foreign Country. BP! So who do our Past Presidents Serve. The Bush Family, the Carters, the Obama’s all serve Saudi Arabia and all the oil in the Middle East making them rich to invade our country and make us poor  Muslim,Mexican and also support ISIS and all the Muslim Terrorists that are killing our soldiers. We support the enemy with our money to destroy pour Country thanks to the Traitor Presidents and Senators and Congressmen who sell us out to overtone, and never work for our country but work for them,selves. That is the problem with letting men stay in power to long they see the illegal millions they can put in their pockets and no one c an stop them. They make themselves above the law that is why we the people have to vote them out all the time. Anyone who has 2 terms should be voted out and new p[people put in and then vote them out.

If President Trump wanted to be more popular then he is from we the white working people he could bring the gasoline prices down to $1.75 that George Bush raised  too to make sure that OPEC made more millions of our Dollars to spread Islam all over the world and become the New religion.

Our Presidents, let’s start with Carter who destroyed Iran and brought them back to the 7th century because he refused to back a friend of the USA the Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Carter’s famous words in private when some asked if he was going to help the Shaw at that time was “Fuck Him” because Carter is a coward with no guts to back a fiend of the USA against Islam. The Shaw soon died of Cancer right after Carter and no other country in the world would give him Sanctuary. That started the problems we have today. Now our Senators and Congressmen see all the money that the Bus family helps everybody get their share because it is the Congress and the Senate and the Bureaucracies, especially, the EPA, which helped stop all the drilling of oil in our country producing our own oil. Carter created the Department of Energy it cost us 30 billions dollars a year and they never got our energy back and they do nothing for our country. a complete waste of time and money. But the Big Government love to piss away billions of dollars for nothing. It helps the Nazi Demo-rat Party stay in charge. The People that control the oil control the world. Henry Kissinger said that and that is the truth.

Now why is the gasoline so high. Obama destroyed the Oil and Coals with industry  with the help of ever Nazi Communist Congressmen and Senators and the Traitor Republicans. The stock for all these companies went in the toilet. Obama and all his  Friends and every Nazi Communist Demo-rat including that phone Rat communist Bernie Sanders bought up this stock penny’s on the dollar.

Who is making money hand over fist and screw we the people, Obama and his Deep State they own 90% of all the oil and coal stock they drive the price up. And the Bush Family who are rats and tied to the hip with Saudi Arabia along with Obama who kissed the ring of King Abdula’s when they met sold us out to all the Foreign oil companies, including OPEC. Obama sent our troops to Africa to guard George Soros ‘s oils fields. That’s why the price of oil is going up and that’s why Obama and his Deep State Government are trying to over throw President Trump, they are making money.

Where do you think all,those trillions of dollars went that Obama borrower. Look around , do you see any improvement in the USA, no, we look like a third world country compared to the countries we Payoff to our enemies, our Congressmen and our senators, the Bush Family and the Clinton Crime family. Why do you think these guys love Obama. Because they all became super rich with him cutting up the money. Don’t believe me, investigate all the Nazi Communist Demo-Rats and Traitor Republicans and see where they have all the oil and coal stock. While Obama was  bull shiting the people about phony wind mills and electric energy. They all invested in coal and oil, not in G.E.

Who gets it in the neck timeserver our enemy, our Government does something. We do the White dumb working class who vote for the Nazi Communist Demo-rat above the law thieves and Traitors and Republican Rats like Ryan and McConnell. Nothing is the way the Propaganda machine run by the Deep Sate is what it seems, don’t believe them or the Fake News Media. Be very careful who you vote for all the Nazi Demo-rats  lairs, they want Illegal Mexican Aliens and Muslims and destroy the White race so they the Elite White and Mulatto Congressmen ans Senators say in controol for ever and make us their slaves. Vote our all incumbents and never vote Demo-rat get rid of all of them.