Why does everybody want to impeach President Trump?

Again that is all you see on TV, the Fake News Media and even Fox. That is on today, Sunday )6/03/18. They ask questions to people I never saw or ever heard of. And they are talking like they know what President Trump is going to do? You have to be kidding. These people don’t even know President trump and the Fox News people want them to tel us what President Trump is going to do? Now that is not news that is trying to keep the lie going about Russia and Trump which he has already been cleared of.

The only reason they want to impeach President Trump is  they are the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party run by the Socialist Jew, Chuck the F–k Face Schumer and Nancy D’Alasndro ( Mexican Communist and Russian Idiot Pelosi. Because we the people voted for Trump.

Then there are the Republicans who went along with everything that Obama did to destroy our Country, Bohnor, Ryan and McConnell, just to name the Republican Rat leaders, and the Jobs lost in our coiuntry, and cause the Mexican and Muslim Invasion into our Country, as if we have open borders and it is their right to come and we have to support them and they can commit any crimes they want and we have to let them do it.

The Only reason Every Body wants President Trump impeached is that we the people voted him into office and not a Professional criminal, criminals like Hillary Clinton to take over where Obama left off destroying our country and stealing trillions of dollars and sharing that money with all the Senators and Congressmen, he didn’t use that money to improve our country, it is still looks like a third world, no improvements,and her high crime Family, Lawyers and Club members of Politics who are destroying our country while they get rich beyond their wildest dreams, selling us to Russia, China Iran, through their children. Kerry and Biden are the biggest crooks where that comes in.  But no one wants to investigate, the Clinton Crime family or Obama who broke our laws and worked with and for the Russians, to rig the election for her. But that’s OK she and Obama and all the Nazi Demo-rats and their appointees are also above the law. Ask Sessions who will do nothing to indite these people who are above the law and  Nazi Demo-rats. Watch the IG appointed by Obama white wash all the criminals.

Vote everyone out who is an incumbent, Nazi Demo-rat and Republicans. Two terms and your out.

President Trump is an outsider and saving the USA another reason they want to impeach him. Go ahead if you want a civil war we the people will not allow that to happen. because the Federal Government is the enemy of we the people and our freedom and the world. if it weren’t for Traitors who run our Country Senators and Congressmen and the UN there would be piece in the world. That goes for all Politicians at the UN and in all the countries in this world.