Shepard Shit, excuse me…Smith

Smith, of Fox news a, Trump hater, and an Obama lover, because Obama is gay like him. Criticized President Trump for hinting that he might, did you read that, might invite “Rocket Boy” to the White House. I thought Smith was going to have heart attack because Trump was going to invite a killer who murdered his own brother, maybe his brother needed killing, to the White house . A disgrace according to this phony piece of crap.

I didn’t see Smith rear his ugly head when Bill Clinton gave two nuclear  Plants and 5 Billion dollars to Rocket boys father. And none of the Fake News media said it was a very dangerous move on the part of our President Clinton,  to help the Communists, our enemies with two Nuclear plants and 5 Billion dollars and the technological to build Nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Clinton never did anything for nothing. I wonder if Clinton got back 60% of the 5 billion dollars from North Korea  for his foundations to launder the money with out anyone knowing how much tax free money he got for selling our secrets to North Korea.

Where was Smith to point the finger at Clinton for making North Korea a country with dangerous Nuclear Weapons. We would have to recon with like right now.  Where was Smith to criticize  Bill and Hillary Clinton about all the dead bodies they left behind in Arkansas  of the people they dealt with in those phony land deals where the Clinton’s walked away with millions of dollars. How about the two dead people, who were murdered, that worked for Hillary Clinton in Washington DC. How about when Clinton and Al Gore were selling our military Secrets to China for big bucks. The fake News Media said that was OK, what else could they say, they are Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-Rats and above every ones laws.

I didn’t see or hear Smith say anything bad about Bill Clinton being a Serial Rapest being President in the White house or heaving sex in his office while people were waiting to see him.  And then on National TV and Hillary Clinton was already covering up for him, deny that he didn’t have sex with Lewinsky, a blow job isn’t sex?

Clinton, the Serial Repast is still molesting young interns that work for him at his Brothel he calls his Library where he has a Pent House for himself and doesn’t live with the scum pig who is his wife.

How about Obama and his, He/she wife going to “Orgy Island’ where there are little boys and girls that Obama’s and Clinton’s could molest, When the Clinton’s went there. How about the Police Commissioner of New York City wanting to Arrest Hillary clinotn and Podesta for trying to start a child molesting ring for the Gays like Smith.

You want to know where this two face Homo rat was? In the closet playing with his boyfriend. And he’s got nerve to bum rap our President, President Trump about Rocket boy,. Go after every body then you scum piece of shit. Stop picking on President Trump!

I almost forgot. Every Tuesday the CIA would go into Obama’s office and ask him who he wanted to be murdered. An d Obama said he was good at killing people. Where was Smith to criticize his Homo Pal Obama. Praying he could stick his face in Obama’s crotch. Get off the air.