Big Mouth Coward De Nero

Robert DeNero who believes he is a Mafia guy, but in reality he is nothing but a baby “Pussy” doesn’t even know why he hates President Trump if you asked him. Or for that matter any of the “Elite”  Hollywood Lefties.

They all love Socialism/Communism and the Nazi Demo-rat Party and Obama. They hate the United State of American and love Obama’s destruction of our Country. We the public made them rich by going to see their third rate no story movies, we should make them poor. Boycott Hollywood movies and all these leftist Socialist/Communist Actors and Actress’s who think that they know that we the people agree with them? They are really goofy in the brain if that is what is inside their empty heads.

Now since President Trump is so bad, bringing back our country and not bowing down to any country and kissing their ass and throwing our money at them while they laugh at us and screw us every chance they get.

De Nero is a real asshole for apologizing to Canada like he represents we the people or the USA. Every thing is OK for a Country to say their country comes first and the can screw us, but we should back down like the coward De Nero and the Hollywood lefty’s are and beg for mercy?  President Trump is right! This country comes first we hold up the whole world from collapsing. If it were not for the United States of America their would be no Europe, Asia, Africa, India or any other country. Because none of these countries have the brains to do anything right.

Now I see a lot of Actors that said they would leave the USA, if Trump was elected President are still here, Like that bald headed Negro Jackson making million dollar Commercials, that pig Cher, Woopie and all of them. Now I suggest if they can’t stand our President they should give up their citizenship and become a Citizens of Mexico,Canada, Cuba would love to get these actors into their country, China, Africa for all the Negro actors and actress’s who are unhappy here, Vietnam. North Korea, Japan, south Africa,France , England I am sure they would love it in these super Lefty and Socialist and Communist came to their Countries, Hey Russia is a great place for them to become citizens of.

Now if De Nero the big mouth “Pussy” should lead the way out of our Country. Don’t like our President or our Country? GET OUT!!! These people are the most ignorant of any group and think they are gods, rich gods and we should do what they want. Sexual degenerates, Pedophiles and Homosexuals and Lesbians, Who needs them? Not us. Lets Boycott all of them. We the people made them rich we the people should make them poor and leave our Country.