Proof George Soros is funded by our Congress

Judiacl Watch has filed Federal Lawsuits investigating U.S. Government funding George Soros Operations, working to destroy the USA.

In many of my articles i have said that our Government funds not only George Soros but any organization that is working to destroy our country and that includes every country that is in the UN, Mexico and all the countries South of Mexico and the Mexicans Government help them get to our borders. Yet we give Mexico billions of free dollars every year and they want to help George Soros destroy our Country.

These are are list of George Soros organizations that we fund with our tax dollars to help everyone destroy us with our own money. These are facts that I have written about many time s and Judicial Watch says the same thing I have said. These are from Judicial Watch; The allegations of collusion between the U.S,\. Government officials and GEORGE SORSO TO FUNNEL U.S. TAX PAYERS DOLLARS THROUGH SOROS-FUNDED ORGANIZATIONS TO UNDERMINED THE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENTS OF MACEDONIA, ALBANIA AND ROMANIA AND SUPPORT LEFTEST GROUPS IN COLOMBIA ARE SERIOUS. What is Soros really all about is money and power and taking over the world with our Money and destroy the USA. Soros owns the Nazi Demo-Rat Party through bribes with our tax dollars niot his he uses our own money to bride Congressmen and senators like McCain, Ryan and McConnell. Soros owned Obama, and Hillary Clinton if Soros owned Hillary Clinton he alps owned Bill Clinton, they always have their hands out for money and will do anything for money even commit Treason because the can get away with it because they are above the law. and they helped Soros do all the damage he can to wreck our Country.

Here are the Organization our Government gives money to Soros’s Open Society Foundation: Remember it is not his personal money it is ours, there has to be a kick back to the Congressmen who are in charge of pissing our money away to very one who wants to destroy our Country and help Soros become the Ruler of the World. The American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, the Brookings Institution, Common Cause and the Center for America Progress ( Communist Party USA)¬† Ant Israel (Al-Haq Amnesty International, Arab American Institute Foundation, New Isreal Fund)

Anti conservative judicial appointments (Alliance for Justice);

Anti educational choice (American Federation of Teachers)

Pro -abortion rights ( Catholics for shoice , Center for reproductiove Rights, National women’s Law center):

American Immigration Law Foundation (legal actions of amnesty) everything Soros does with the help of our Government is to destroy our Country and that is Treason!

Brenan Center for Justice (legal actions, Pro-bono support to activists, media Campaigns)

Casa de Maryland ( radical state lobbying organization for amnesty and expanded right for Illegal Aliens residing in Maryland. Illegal  Aliens and none citizens of the USA have no legal rights in this country. There is no where in our constitution that says Illegal Aliens and none citizens of our country have any legal rights except go to jail for braking our laws.

There are many more radical Organizations like La Raza Mexican meaning g the Blood.I s supported by Soros with our tax dollars that he gets in grants for his foundation. Soros with the help of our own Government, and Obama Deep state Government is destroying our country. One other thing that our Government does to destroy us they passed a law that the, the Congress and the Senate have to spend every tax dollar they get every year, they can’t have any money left over, waste it piss it down the toilet but never help our country.. How about that one instead of taking care of we the people and give is a brake they take care of every enemy we have that is destroying our Country with our own money. And as far as Mexico goes if I were President Trump I would cut off all the millions of our tax dollars that we give Mexico to destroy our Country. Lets destroy Mexico. Jimmy the Traitor started that one when he was selling us out to everyone. I always said that Soros was funded by our Country with our tax dollars to destroy us. It’s all abut money and power, and commit Treason and Soros will get away with it because he like all the rich Demo-rats are above the law.. I was right then and I am right now.