How did we get to this point where we are invaded by Illegal Aliens and noe white people from around the world.

How did we get to this point in our history where we are invaded by Illegal Mexican Aliens and none White people from around the world, and Muslims. We have to back a few years to see how our Government and ex Presidents, worked for the last 60 or 70 years to bring about the New World Order where there are no Countries and there are no borders and it is run by a  Regional Government, by a select few that have the power of life and death over us. The Demo-rats and the coward Republicans did all this in a very quiet way. They did for open Borders from mexico and south of their Border for the USA to become, one Hemisphere that belongs to everybody but not America or we the White people of this country . Our enemy,y want all Latinos and Negros and every one who is not white. Our enemy our Government hate we the White Race so much that want tr destroy us to destroy our Country.


First in our country, before I get to that there is a quote that the Magic Negro Obama said abut the Illegal Latinos,” They don’t have to worry about learning to speak English we have to learn to speak Spanish” What a great (Sic,sic) god the asshole of this country voted for twice, and wanted Hillary Clinton to kill our Country.  Obama walks away free and clear a multi Trillionaire, and laughs at we the people.

As I remember first our enemy that worlds for every other country in the world except our Country passed a law that people will be allowed to own two Passports and belong to their country of origin. That by it self splits our country in Two. these people were sworn to be loyal to the USA but not reality they are Loyal to their country of origin. The next this our enemy did to split our country in two was to elect a second language, Spanish. And the Latinos are not expected to learn to speak our Language, we have to learn theirs. I know of a teacher a very good teachers whop taught school in Chicago. She was harassed to learn to speak Spanish and lost her job because she wouldn’t learn to speak Spanish. Where was the Union t protect her. With the schools to force teachers to learn to speak Spanish.

A two Language , duel citizenship, people forced to say what origin they are White, Negro, Latino, etc. cause people not to have loyalty to our Country.  It was George Bush Jr. of the New World Order family that helped get all the Demo-rats and Obama elected President when he refused to listen to we the people and said he was the decider and went against we the people. And we fell into the trap that our Ex President George Bush set for us and we all voted for the Demo-rats. I didn’t Vote for Obama because I read about him and knew that he was not only a Traitor, but a Muslim Communist that was supposed to destroy our Country now since the Nazi Socialist.Communist Demo-rat Party owned by Soros was going to destroy our Country. Obama Promised to change the face of the United States of America, and he did with the help of all the Nazi Demo-rats and the coward Republicans who fear everyone are are scared to death to fight fight for our Freedom and our country. Besides Obama brought in more corruption then we ever had. Obama allowed everyone to steal as much money as they wanted and then cut up trillions of dollars with them while they were all making deals with China , Russia every country in Europe for cash to help them get rich and we get poor and loose our Country.

Now the only person in the country that is fighting for us and our Country is President Trump. And every rotten Nazi Demo-rat and Rats like Paul Ryan and McConnell are against him we have to vote out the incumbents and put in new Republicans. Pray that Romany does get elected Senator in Utah because he is a true enemy,y of President Trump, he is not a Republican for the people he is for himself and the Demo-rat Party.