Socialism and Communism is for the rich. It is not for the people who have to work for a living the Middle Class. If you notice Bernie Sanders is a Communist and preaches that everything will be free and the young women that is also a communist he is taking her under his wing and Sanders will make her rich. Bernie  Sanders when he ran for the Presidency of our Country was making $40,000,000 a month from donations from everywhere. His wife stole $10,000,000, while she was the head of some collage. Note she never went to trial or go to jail. But you will if you even spit on the sidewalk. Sanders owns four, mind you four, homes on the Ocean and a home where he lives. Pulse he is owned by the George Soros and like all the rest of the Nazi Demo-rat Party are owned by every Foreign Country in the world. Sanders is super rich, did he donate any of his money to help pay for some one get Collage education, no. Does he pay tax.Yes, but not more then a Thousand dollars a year. Yet he promises and that young women will be on his side for everything free. Don’t believe it their is nothing free in this world unless you are Negro, An Illegal Alien Mexican, Muslim or anyone who is considered None White you get a free education. If you have Latin Blood you go free.

The White people pay through the noise with their taxes to support every one who is none White and is taken care of by the Nazi Demo-Rat Socialist/Communist Party and they are all super rich. Diann Fienstien is a Billionaire ten times over because she stole contracts for her family to make billions off the Government. Nancy D’Alasndro who is a Mexican married to an Italian stole billions of dollars from the Government for herself and her family. while she was speaker of the house she spent $180,000 on flowers alone a month and her bar bill ran into the millions and she used a Government plane to fly back and forth to Californium twice a week that ate up a few billion dollars of our tax money while they live like kings and queens of the world we have to work our asses off to pay the rent and put  food on the table. Also Pelosi the Tax queen Communistic Pig took everyone in her family all over the world on our tax dollars she never spends of dime of her money she spends ours like she owns it. The other Jew who is a greedy socialist pig is Schumer and how about that big mouthed Negro Racist Maxine Waters, what about that other jew big mouth Wassermann Schlitz. she helped her Muslim boy friend steal $6,000,000 and she never went to jail. All these Senators and Congressmen who are Socialist?Communist Nazi Demo-rats who want to destroy our Constitution and our Bill of rights want us to be the working poor and their slaves while every one who is none White gets a free ride as long as they vote for the Communist Demo-rat Party!

The Nazi Demo-rat Party always needs us to have an enemy, this time they brought them into our Country. The Nazi Demo-rat Party always needs Chaos and racism and keep the people at each others throat. If the people of the United States of America ever stop and see what Criminals and Traitors the Communist Nazi Demo-rat Party are and the Traitor Republicans are, they would be in jail.Remember everyone who talks Socialism/ Communism are all rich and above all of us and will never be convicted of any crime they commit. We the people the White people are the Government and we better start sticking together because the Obama and the Nazi Demo-rats have us on the ropes and we do nothing  back fighting for our Country and our lives while our Government take care of the whole world but not our Country. Never Register your gun, never give up your gun. We are going to need them soon to save our country and President trump.