Constant War for 70Years

Tonight on Tucker Carlson Fox show he on a riot bateing Nazi socialist/Communist Demo-rat talking abut how NATO has stopped the world from going to war for 70 years. Carlson couldn’t tell him because I  don’t think if he knows ]it or not our Country has been at un -declared “No Win  Wars” because of the UN and NATO for 70 years. We put into the field  10,000 troops to every on thousand that a few countries put in to die for nothing . Their was no win in Korea. We lost over 50,000 dead for nothing in a NATO UN no win war. Vietnam is the same thing. And the Bush wars in the Middle east was for OPEC and The Bush new World Order used our soldiers like whores for the Country that attacked us on 9/11. For the oil. Then they blamed Saddam Hussein for weapons of mass destruction and attacked him for OPEC. So Saudi Arabia could make more billions of dollars from us so we buy their oil and they send out Muslims through out the world to take over every country in the world and spread Islam. We pay every body big money to help destroy the world, our Country first. All our ex Presidents, Their super rich so nothing can touch them or their families but they can destroy our families and these bastard don’t give tow cents if we the people live or die as long as they get their way.

Then he had on a Demo-rat Congressmen from California that said that President Trump Committed Treason by talking to Putin ( He’s a real asshole and the people who elected this goof). But it is OK for Obama and Hillary Clinton and All the Nazi Communist Demo-rats to deal with Russia on the side making money off them.

Then came Obama. The Fake News media tried to make seem like this Homosexual Negro was Jesus Christ come back to earth to save the world. But Obama is the Devil and he came to destroy the whole world and the USA first. That is why he and Samantha Power set the Meddle East on fire and had more of our White Soldiers and women who don’t belong in combat die and get their arms and legs blown off because Obama and the CIA gave the enemy all the information they needed to kill our Soldiers, Hillary Clinton was part of this because she hate the Armed Forces.


Because of Obama we have been killing our soldiers in Afghanistan  since 2009. We, the USA is NATO because our  ex presidents feel that we should loose more of our Soldiers then any body else. Especially if the Men and Women are White.:

Albania=140, Armenia=0, Australia=1090, Austria=3, Azerbaijan= 90, Belgium=510, Bosnia=2,Bulgaria=470, Canada=2800, Croatia=295,Czech Rep.=340,Denmark=700, Estonia=150,Finland=110,France=3160,Georgia=1, Germany=4050, Greece=145, Hungary= 310, Iceland=8, Ireland=7, Italy=2795, Jordan= 7, South Korea= 0, Latvia=165,Lithuania=200, Luxembourg=9,Macedonia=165,Malaysia=0, Mongolia=0, Netherlands=1770,New Zealand= 160,Norway=485, Poland=2000, Portugal=90,Romania=1025, Slovakia=230, Slovenia=80, Spain=780, Sweden=430, Macedonia=0, Tonga-0,Turkey=730,, UAE?=25,United Kingdom=9900,USA=29950

Naturally we have top have the most soldiers killed to satisfy the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party happy, to kill off all the White Soldiers Men and Women that they can in favor of an all None White USA. Obama came into office and increased the amount of Soldiers that should die for the UN and NATO to help him destroy the USA and make it Muslim and all none White. and he had the full cooperation of every Demo-rat because they were in charge and the Cowards that pretend to be Republicans.

Be ready be armed for the civil war that the Liberals are pushing for a civil War with the Help of the real Nazi murders Demo-rat Party.