There is no such thing as Free


If the News media including Fox news would give Bernie Sanders and this new wealthy Socialist/ Communist partner, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are following Obama’s line of Socialist/Communism that the Nazi Demo-rat Party have always followed. Now I see the News Media giving Bernie Sanders and Cortez credibility and the Socialists a big voice in the news. Even Tucker Carlson gave Sander’s political campign managers a ten-minute voice on his program and let this guy rant and rave about how great Socialism is is and he sat there dumbfounded and never stopped the guy form talking.

Then a radio conservative gave sanders more power, Sanders should feel like Superman when he said that Bernie Sanders was the most dangerous man in the United States of American. You know what that does to his ego which so big now that when he looks at himself in the mirror he sees himself as Stalin or Linen ready to bring on the Communist Revolution and destroy the USA. Just as his gods Obama and the Nazi Demo-rat Party are doing today.

There is no such thing as free anything someone has to pay for everything and that is us the working people of the USA to support all the people already on the Government dole. We already have socialism in this country, anyone who is none White get money, our hard earned money, that they don’t have to work. But yet a lot of those getting government money, a subsidize work on the side with jobs that they get charged income tax and make more money. They get everything free. Even the Illegal Aliens and the Muslims all get a ton of money on the side. That is because our Government is run by phony  “Do Gooders” who are rich, to begin with, and get richer while robbing we the taxpayer’s giver away everything like this Government is a charity. Then these theives and rats pass a law that brings on more ways to steal money and give it away instead of giving it back to the people who pay their taxes, they passed the law they say they have to spend all the money every year. an open door to wast our money on themselves. Crooks as bad as the Organized Crime or worse because they make the laws to suit themselves not the USA. Just another way to have more corruption and another way to steal more money for themselves.-